Organic Chilimac
Price: $9.11
Organic Bare Burrito
Price: $9.27
Organic Brownies
Price: $7.79
Organic Lentil Pilav
Price: $8.16
Organic Ragu Pasta
Price: $8.15
Organic Fiesta Rice
Price: $9.28
Organic Jambalaya
Price: $9.52
Organic Thai Fusion
Price: $9.04
Organic Kettle Chili
Price: $7.51
Organic Lentil Soup
Price: $7.09
Organic Corn Salsa
Price: $8.00

Backpacking meals should be delicious and healthy. Our MaryJanesFarm Outpost® meals are lightweight and easy to prepare like backpacking food should be, all while being organic and packed with flavor. Our tasty meals are available in 3 package options:

  • Outpost meals: simply add hot water, enjoy the scenery for a few minutes, then eat right out of the bag. You'll find our meals to be splendidly convenient and perfectly portioned for a hungry adventurer (1.5 normal people servings).
  • Ziplock bulk: same great food but at an economy price. Our bulk packaging allows you to save money on the backpacking food you love. We don't allow returns on our bulk options so be sure you try before you buy.
  • Mylar bulk: ideal for storing on a shelf for a long, long time.

Hiking, biking, climbing, paddling, or whatever your taste - MaryJanesFarm will ensure that the food lives up to the adventure.

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For three decades, I dreamed of and created ‘real food’ just-add-water meals while living, eating, and working in the backcountry as a fire lookout, wilderness ranger, and remote station guard. Rooted now on land of my own at the end of a dirt road, I’ve been packaging my organic alternative to industrial-grade backpacking food in non-aluminum pouches for 32 years and counting, sparing our planet the equivalent of 200+ football fields covered in aluminum foil. In addition, 100% of our production electricity comes from alternative, renewable sources. Thank you for joining in my conservation endeavors.

MaryJane Butters