Humble Pie | Oct–Nov 2023

I have to tell you, every issue when I read the opening lines of MBA Jane’s history, “eBay/Nude/Used/1 bid,” it never fails to crack me up!! Thank you for sharing her with us.

– Debbie, e-mail

When my son and daughter-in-law gifted me a subscription to your beautiful magazine almost 10 years ago, I discovered much more than a magazine. I discovered a lifestyle, a comfortable space, a vacation place, a cooking class, a grocery store ... Let me explain:

I came home today from a visit away and discovered my order of your Outpost meals waiting. My family discovered these when we vacationed in your B&B. I think we may have bought some of everything from your little store when we were there! It’s motorcycle season as I write this, so time to stock up again on these great meals for touring on two wheels!

Every issue of your magazine has something new and exciting to try in the kitchen. After all these years of reading your wisdom, I always have things on hand in my well-stocked pantry to fix delicious meals the day the magazine arrives. I feel so at home when I am reading your magazine, something like discovering a best friend!

– Penney, RaisingJane.org

All Is Bright | Dec–Jan 2024

It’s always a good day when I receive my MaryJanesFarm magazine in the mail. Can’t wait until I can sit down and savor the pages!

– Ruth, Farmgirl Connection Chatroom (MaryJanesFarm.org/snitz)

I love your magazine and all the amazing projects, recipes, and creative ideas. I have almost all of your magazines, dating back to the “Backcountry Food” issue from 2002! The “Call It a Day” Aug/Sept 2023 issue and its article about painted furniture finally prompted me to write. I have gone through many crafting phases, and for a time, I collected chairs. I found them on the side of the road and in thrift and antiques shops, and friends even donated some. With the help of my husband, we would sand them down, glue them back together, and spray paint them white, then the chair would tell me how it would like to be painted. Most of them were given to friends or family, and some were even donated for silent-auction items. Most of them were cut to add a plant in the seat. It was a fun time in my life, and I thank you for the memories your article sparked.

– Heidi, e-mail

The Sun Bonnet Sue article in “The Way Home” June/July 2023 issue inspired me to create my own tea towels. Love this magazine!

– Lynn, e-mail

Coat From The Storm | Feb–Mar 2024

What a joy to receive MaryJanesFarm magazine! Thanks so much for all you are doing to make the magazine such an important and positive influence for my family’s holistic lifestyle: cooking, crafting, researching, gardening, writing, wonderful pets, and good health. I savor every magazine and continue to reread the articles, try the crafts and creations, and make the recipes. The magazine truly means so much to me, and I feel like I am visiting with a good, trusted friend when I read through it.

– Michelle, e-mail

I’ve been subscribing to your magazine for about three years and love every issue! My mom, who is 100, also enjoys your magazine. She says, “I’m in love with MaryJane!” As you see in the picture, our kitty also enjoys it when Mom reads MaryJanesFarm.

– Debbie, e-mail

I’m so happy to have found a place [The Farmgirl Connection chatroom] where I can share my joy and learning with other farmgirls!

– Nancy, MaryJanesFarm.org/snitz

My MaryJanesFarm magazines with all those hands-on projects inspire me. After enjoying my magazines for a few months, I leave them at sharing places for others to enjoy and be inspired.

– Martha Jane, e-mail

I was proud to have my story in the Aug/Sept issue of your beautiful and informative magazine. I wish I could fill an entire page with thank you words from my heart. My main character would also like to say, “ARF! WOOF! WOOF!”

– Jacqueline, e-mail

Pony Up | Apr-May 2024

I got my coop painted and assembled with nesting boxes and curtains. My first batch of chicks arrived and now I’m painting their run. On my way to the Backyard Farmer Merit Badge!

– Shennandoah, 2024 Farmgirl of the Year Farmgirl Connection chatroom

I am a very happy subscriber! I devour each issue the moment it comes, from cover to cover. Even at 77 years old, I learn a thing or two from each issue! So yes, you can teach an old dog a few new things.

– Elizabeth, snail mail

How could I help but enjoy the magazine … it is filled with interesting articles and tidbits!

– Linda, e-mail

I just received my latest issue of your magazine and oh, what a respite it is! Thank you, MaryJane!

– Robin, e-mail

We just finished our third year of crafting, fun, and friendship as members in one of your Farmgirl Chapters [FarmgirlSisterhood.org]. Thank you for a wonderful program!

– Lacey, Farmgirl Connection chatroom

My garden cook stove reminds me of your charming magazine.

– Sylvia, Facebook.com