Wild Bread bread baking recipes cookbook sourdough kitchen home rural agricultural
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    Is the world ready to rethink bread making? I certainly think so. My book, Wild Bread, completely reinvents the concept of healthier-for-you, naturally fermented sourdough. Until now, sourdough meant too much work and sour-tasting, artisan-style-only loaves. My revolutionary fermentation technique demonstrates the use of eight different types of flours for each bread featured—everything from gluten-free brown-rice flour to quinoa to common white to heirloom whole wheat—for a whopping 295 recipes and 475 photographs. Using... (See product.)

    MaryJanes Cast Iron Kitchen cast iron recipes cookbook skillet kitchen home rural agricultural
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      Whether we’re urban or suburban, straight-up city or downright country, cast-iron cookware holds a special place in our hearts. For generations, it’s the one thing that has never changed. Or worn out. With its rich history and formidable staying power, who among us doesn’t have at least one of Grandma’s skillets?  Not only is it cheaper than its modern-day, fancy-pants counterparts, it’s non-toxic. And if your great-granmama were around to utter admonitions, she’d tell you a thing or two about proper kitchenware (and... (See product.)

      Moo-n Over Main Street Metropolis
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        It’s about time! MaryJane and daughter, Megan, have finally written a children’s book, illustrated by Karina Overfelt—a 34-page cowpanion to MaryJane’s fifth book, Milk Cow Kitchen. Give or get the gift of this adorable adventure story about a milk cow named Sally O’Mally, who finds love in the home of a single mom and her daughter who never gave up hope that someday, they’d have a backyard milk cow. Includes 5 reader-to-child educational pages that are jam-packed with conversational questions, including an irresistible... (See product.)

        Milk Cow Kitchen
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          MaryJane Butters wants YOU to have a cow—that “pet” cow you’ve always dreamed about. You know, that gorgeous beau-vine you’ve seen grazing outside your “cow”girl kitchen window. Of course, you’ve wondered what it would feel like to bring a bucket of fresh milk into your kitchen and turn it into butter, your own yogurt, sour cream, and artisan cheeses like Manchego and Brie. MaryJane’s fifth book, Milk Cow Kitchen, is one part milk cow how-to, one part cookbook (75 fuss-free, farmstyle recipes, in addition to 15... (See product.)

          Glamping with MaryJane
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            MaryJane Butters’ go-to guide for putting glamour into camping. “Glamping, or glamour camping — one of MaryJane’s pet concepts — is about the juxtaposition of rugged and really pretty, grit and glam, diesel and absolutely darling.”—The New York Times. Glamping—unleashing your inner wild while wearing a pair of fishing-lure earrings—is for every woman (or man!) who ever had a get-away-from-it-all fantasy (with a few frilly embellishments thrown in). Learn about the... (See product.)

            MaryJane’s Outpost
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              Get out! No matter what your age, MaryJane Butters walks you to the door and OUT you go. Wilderness ranger turned Idaho organic farmer, MaryJane is a woman OUTSIDE ... the norm. Drawing from her own diverse background, she’ll show you exactly HOW to get outdoors—and what to do once you’re there. Think and get inspired in her OUTTHINKING chapter. Head to your porch, yard, or rooftop, using the innovative and easy suggestions you’ll find in OUTBOUND. Kick up a little sass with her ideas in OUTRIGGED, joining the ranks of... (See product.)

              MaryJane’s Stitching Room
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                Whether you’re a farmgirl or just wish you were, MaryJane’s Stitching Room is a treasure trove of projects that will have you stitching, crocheting, embroidering, and tatting like one before you know it. Plus you’ll find more of MaryJane’s engaging essays and endearing farmgirl wisdom. Using simple step-by-step instructions, she outlines projects that have a nostalgic appeal for the contemporary crafter who is intrigued with the delicate handcrafts of yesteryear. MaryJane includes irresistible patterns for projects to... (See product.)

                MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook
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                  Whether you simply need encouragement to embrace a more authentic, wholesome lifestyle or you’re looking for guidance on building a greenhouse, chopping firewood, hosting a town event, caring for a flock of chickens, making your own butter, growing a winter salad, or choosing a water filter,MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook for the farmgirl in all of us is both an inspiration and a practical road map for farmgirls of all stripes. When you order it through us, you’ll receive an autographed copy of MaryJane’s book,... (See product.)