We’re finally ready to book 2022 reservations for an Idaho farmstay at MaryJane’s Bed & outdoor Bath venue!

We managed to weather the first wave of Covid and remain vigilant about following recommended saftey measures. We’re hoping the current wave wears itself out before our summer season, May 19 through July 10, starting up again August 31 through October 10. Last year, July and August were unbearably hot without any rain and there were forest fires that filled the air with smoke, so at this time, we aren’t going to schedule farmstays from July 11 through August 31.

Given the number of different tent cabins and pavilions we’ve created, we’re confident we can customize your stay based on several factors—family w/young children, family w/teenagers, girlfriends retreat, couple, family reunion, wedding party, etc. So, when you send us an email, please share:

  1. details of who will be coming
  2. number of nights (we have a two-night minimum)
  3. preferred arrival date and departure date (May 19 thru July 10, August 31 thru Oct. 10)

If we have other questions, we can go back and forth until we create the perfect fit for your farmstay. Depending on those factors, prices range anywhere from $297 to $379/night. We require payment in full at the time of booking. Cancellations may be made no later than two weeks prior to your farmstay. Refunds (minus a 20% booking fee) are available only if we’re able to find a replacement for your allotted time slot.

Each venue has an outdoor claw-foot bathtub, shower, flush loo, full-service kitchen, wood stove/campfire, organic bed linens, and nap hammocks. And right beyond your doorstep, a private 115-acre native plant and wildlife preserve provides stunning views anywhere you choose to wander.

Because we offer full-service kitchens in our venues, you’ll be in charge of your meals, but keep in mind you’ll find goodies, a selection of our just-add-water-meals, and milk and cream from our cows available in our farm store, along with veggies and fruit from our u-pick garden and orchard. In addition, we have a wonderful food co-op in town (Moscow, Idaho), 15 minutes from our farm, and you’ll be provided a list of our favorite restaurants in town.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you better as we go back and forth via email, and then properly meeting you this spring, early summer, or fall.
E-mail us your information at reservations.

classic truck with cast-iron bed on the back in the wheat fields
willow chair in the golden rolling hills of the Palouse

“Glamping, or glamour camping, one of MaryJane’s pet concepts, is about the juxtaposition of rugged and really pretty, grit and glam, diesel and absolutely darling.”

- The New York Times

outdoor tub at MaryJanesFarm
pond at MaryJanesFarm

October 14, 2005

Dear MaryJane, This place, on a windy fall night, seemed like an island of peace and beauty, comfort and hospitality after my week of strange travels. You have given us a gift I see manifested everywhere I look—a rural home shaped by an artist’s eye and a sense of what, on every level, is RIGHT, and true. Your focused attention to detail draws my attention in turn, to the littlest parts and moments of life, and your grand vision is equally inspiring. My admiration for you and for this place is true and profound.

— Karen Fisher, Dave,
Grant and Lachlan

MaryJanesFarm bed and bath
outdoor cove bed at MaryJanesFarm
outdoor tub under the rainbow
MaryJanesFarm bed and bath
plumpit at night at MaryJanesFarm
tent cabin 4 bed
MaryJanesFarm bed and bath
outdoor tub under the rainbow
pond at MaryJanesFarm
outdoor tub at MaryJanesFarm
outdoor cove bed at MaryJanesFarm
MaryJanesFarm bed and bath

July 2005

To all my new friends at MaryJanesFarm—thank you, thank you, thank you. I leave with great admiration of the community, the friendship, and the peaceful world you have created here together. I’ve learned so much these past few days—about harmony, kindness, hard work, and living a life of giving. I believe everyone who visits MaryJanesFarm must carry back to their hometowns a little seed of this life that hopefully will change the world beyond these acres. I know I do & I will. It’s my gift back to you. God bless

— John Whalen

outdoor tub under the rainbow
MaryJanesFarm bed and bath
plumpit at night at MaryJanesFarm
blue bird in spring
yellow shasta
tent cabin showerhouse
Erin bath and bubbles

“A wonderful place where time would seem to stand still, were it not for the shadows crawling across the landscape. Thanks for an abundance of beauty and inspiration. My artistic juices were firing on all cylinders! Wonderful trip; will come again. Thanks for the raspberries, the chopped salad, and the salmon dinner; all so delicious. Thank you also for your gracious and generous hospitality.”

- Sue Gibson, 2019

During a warm day in autumn, a mother and her three young daughters who were staying at our B&B spent their time playing with our animals, picking ripe fruit, swinging with abandon, and roasting marshmallows on a campfire. Here at MaryJanesFarm, days are measured in deep belly laughs and intimate moments with nature.
(The beauty of having invited guests to our farm for so many years is being able to see them year after year. The little girls in the above video came back for a farmstay in 2019 as adults attending college. Click here to read about their stay.)

Guestbook Memories

10 years

14 honeymoons

750+ guests

September 27-30, 2004 | Philip Patnick

How wonderful to go from the canyons of New York City to the rolling hills of this transcendent place. How wonderful to meet you all and enjoy such food and warmth and kinship in the plum pit. I may be a boy, but right now, I'm a farmgirl-at-heart.

October 24, 2005 | Jo Davidson
New York City

Thank you for creating & sharing such an awesome space of peace and relaxation. My stay was one of excitement, solitude, relaxation, wonder, exploration, and connection. Thank you also for all the amazing little details—the gardens and the animals were delightful, especially the quails that came to roost in our plum trees each evening.

May, 2007 | Mark Wolk

A brilliant beautiful day spent in Moscow, Idaho at MaryJanesFarm. I felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders and the stresses of civilization melt away. A perfect way to relax and get in touch with the most important things life has to offer.
MaryJane, Nick, Megan, Lucas, April, and Charlie,
thank you.

September 30, 2007 | A1 & A2

What a remarkable place you have created & so generously share with the rest of the world. We are better, calmer, and inspired after our girls' weekend on the farm. You make it look so easy to choose a path that allows you to live your dreams. We should all be so lucky! We can't wait to come back ... thank you!

May 20-21, 2009 | Trish LaFrenure

My friend Sherry booked our two days here. I didn't know a thing about the place. I am no "camper". So, when we arrived and were told "let me show you to your tent," I was: 1) Suspicious, 2) Slightly alarmed, and 3) A little worried. Imagine my surprise to find a little piece of paradise here. Now this is the way to camp! I totally want to start my own campground back home in the hills of western Massachusetts. Can't wait to get back to my easel to paint some of these gorgeous surroundings. Meanwhile, I am certainly enjoying my stay.

May 2012 | Sarah

A lovely place with lovely people! Thank you all ever so much for such a scrumptious stay—it has been a beautiful time of rest.