I designed these easy organic foods because I want everyone to know convenience food can taste good. Even though it’s not fresh from the ground, it’s made from foods that are.

I sell my food in the following different types of packaging:

Most of my foods have almost a two year shelf life if stored dry with low humidity. See my Mylar option if you need the peace of mind of longer storage.

Outpost pouch packaging

Outpost foods are packaged in our unique 7" wide × 8" tall non-aluminum EcoPouch® with a box bottom that allows it to stand up on its own. You can use it as your bowl for the addition of cold and even boiling water. Designed to feed one hungry camper, my outpost food is perfect for whatever mode of trail travel you choose—backpackers and hikers, mountain bikers, climbers, llama trekkers, equestrians, anglers, cross-country skiers, boaters, and white-water rafters. Since 1996, our pro-environment pouch has offset 1,547,955 square feet of aluminum foil (enough to cover 34+ football fields), avoiding 58 tons of landfill waste.

Farmhouse foods are packaged in our signature 7" wide × 8" tall non-aluminum pouch made from sturdy, non-bleached, eco-friendly paper that facilitates a razor-thin layer of BPA-free plastic protection. Each pouch is filled on a made-to-order basis because “freshness and nothing-but-the-best” is the motto we live by.

Ziplock packaging for bulk food mix

Our 12" wide x 12" tall Ziplock plastic bag is our economy option. If you have the storage space and your own airtight storage containers, this is the way to go. Buy it for home, office, or travel, but make sure you’ve tried our foods in an Outpost pouch first, so you know for sure it's a favorite.

Mylar bulk packaging for emergency-preparedness long-term storage

Our 10" wide x 14" tall Mylar oxygen-free bag is for no-fuss, long-term food storage and emergency preparedness. Each 3-lb foil bag can be put in a safe spot until you need it—easy to do with a shelf life of 15 years.

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