Organic Brownies
Price: $7.79
Organic Lentil Pilav
Price: $8.16
Organic Chilimac
Price: $9.11
Organic Ragu Pasta
Price: $8.15
Organic Bare Burrito
Price: $9.27
Organic Fiesta Rice
Price: $9.28
Organic Jambalaya
Price: $9.52
Organic Thai Fusion
Price: $9.04
Organic Kettle Chili
Price: $7.51
Organic Lentil Soup
Price: $7.09
Organic Corn Salsa
Price: $8.00

Backpacking meals should be delicious and healthy. Our MaryJanesFarm OutpostĀ® meals are lightweight and easy to prepare like backpacking food should be, all while being organic and packed with flavor. Our tasty meals are available in 3 package options:

  • Outpost meals: perfectly portioned and splendidly convenient. Simply add hot water, enjoy the scenery for a few minutes, then eat right out of the bag.
  • Ziplock bulk: same great food but at an economy price.
  • Mylar bulk: ideal for storing on a shelf for a long, long time.

Hiking, biking, or paddling - MaryJanesFarm will ensure that the food lives up to the adventure.

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