Magic Happens | Dec–Jan 2016

The “Galvanized Bathtubs” article in the Aug/Sept 2015 issue made me think of this picture I snapped of my daughter two years ago. I was busy building our chicken coop, and this was her idea of a more perfect activity. Thanks for yet another wonderful issue!

– Rachel, Facebook.com/MaryJanesFarm

One week from today, Brett, Chelsea, Lucas, and I will be dropped off via floatplane on a remote lake on the Alaska Peninsula. From there, we’ll climb over Katmai Caldera and down through the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, and pack-raft out Naknek Lake to Bristol Bay. It’ll be two weeks and 130 miles of glacier-studded volcanoes, ash canyons, ambling grizzlies, world-class fishing, and repeatedly sneaking rocks into Chelsea’s backpack to slow her down to our level. Big shout-out to our expedition sponsors, Outdoor Research, Kokopelli Raft Co., Packrafts, WindPaddle Sails, Redd Bar, and MaryJanesFarm. Can’t wait to try out some bomber gear and great food in a gorgeous and challenging environment.

– Paxson, Alaska, Facebook.com/MaryJanesFarm

I love how this city girl can turn into a farmgirl just by picking up and reading your magazine!

– Linda, RaisingJane.org

MaryJanesFarm is a validation of a way of life. It’s upbeat, up-to-date, uplifting, informative, beautiful, inspiring, down-to-earth, and just plain full of goodness.

– Stephanie, RaisingJane.org

I am a reader and lover of MaryJanesFarm. I noticed an advertisement in a previous issue for Bastyr University—I am currently a senior at Bastyr, finishing my BS in Nutrition. Bastyr has taught me many great skills, and most importantly, has showed me how to apply those skills with holistic health as the core.

– Courtney, Washington, e-mail

I feel like MaryJanesFarm was created just for me! I was raised in a city, but had a farmgirl heart. When my husband and I finally moved to the country, I discovered MaryJane’s magazine—a magazine full of all that delights me. I am a full-blooded farmgirl now who quilts, takes vegetables and bouquets to the farmers’ market all summer long, and has a flock of chickens so delightful that customers wait in line to purchase their beautiful eggs. Thanks, MaryJane, for showing me I was not alone in my farmgirl heart!

– Michelle, RaisingJane.org

Love your magazine and all that it reminds me to be ... a farmgirl with dirt under my nails and a smile in my heart that reaches my eyes. Dirt rules, even if in the form of lava rock!

– Lori, Hawaii, e-mail

The onion-petal recipe from your [June/July 2015] magazine is the greatest! I used the tomato-basil spice blend. Made a single batch yesterday and now a double batch today. Reminiscent of sour cream and onion potato chips without all the yuck. Thanks!

– Catherine, Wisconsin, Facebook.com/MaryJanesFarm

You know how magazines are “supposed to be” just a tempting vehicle for advertisers to get their message out to people??? Well, MaryJanesFarm is all about a community of women finding a new voice as well as a “party line” (like the phone systems of old). Even the advertisers are geared to the interests of the women who are reading and exchanging ideas. I love that we are not being blown away by ads for makeup (are we not beautiful enough???) and diet tricks and all the other products targeting a woman’s supposed insecurities and weaknesses.

– Ludmilla, RaisingJane.org

Hearts a-Flutter | Feb–Mar 2016

I thought you’d like to know that Allie, the 11-year-old daughter of one of the ladies I work with, came into the office recently and saw your magazine. She got super-excited and said, “Oh! That’s the new issue!!!” She let out a little squeal, then without thinking, she snatched your magazine right out of her mother’s hands! So funny—we all laughed. She loves your magazine—both of my friend’s daughters do. You have a following among a young-lady audience, too! Hope your day is richly blessed.

– Gael J.B. Orr, OnceAgainNutButter.com, e-mail

MaryJanesFarm is candy for the eyes and soul. Each issue lets me reminisce about the old days, gives me ideas for today, and projects to do tomorrow. I’ve learned new things (like making pillowcases) and found many new recipes that will become some of our family’s favorites. I get to dream about glamping; get excited about quilting again; and feel a kindred spirit with other sisters who enjoy a simpler, yet beautiful, life. Being a farmgirl with my favorite pet chickens is something to crow about!

– Kathy, RaisingJane.org

I just love this whole delightful magazine—shorts I can read quickly, and longs I can escape with!

– Idamarie, RaisingJane.org

Every article feeds my farmer heart and soul. Reading it takes me to my happy place!

– Heidi, RaisingJane.org

I love the sense of community and inspiration I derive from MaryJane’s magazine. Knowing that there are thousands of sisters out there with similar interests and seeing beautiful photographs of how-to crafts, gardens, and baked goods makes this farmgirl smile!

– Heather, RaisingJane.org

I don’t usually pay much attention to magazine displays, but as I was passing through my local Lowe’s, focused on my mission for the day, my eyes gravitated to your magazine as if being drawn by some magnetic force. I picked up your Oct/Nov 2015 issue and quickly thumbed through it. In light of the high cost of print media these days, I am always reluctant to purchase a magazine, but decided from my cursory excursion through your pages that I would take a chance on MaryJanesFarm. I am pleased to report that I could not have been happier with my fortuitous purchase. I currently subscribe to a couple other natural and organic publications, but your magazine truly has a specialness about it … from the texture of the paper, to the layout, to the graphic displays, and of course, the articles. It evokes a feeling of coming home. Thank you for this lovely publication.

– Valerie, Florida, e-mail

I really like your organic news articles. I read an article a few months ago about Asheville, North Carolina, being the first certified bee city in America. That started a whole journey for my family … we began researching more and more about that lovely town, even going so far as to road-trip 14 hours there with a car full of kids. We are now so in love with that area of the country that we are trying to purchase a mountain farm there. I can’t wait to try out all the different ideas from MaryJanesFarm that I’ve torn out over the years when we buy our property. Thanks for inspiring me in so many ways!

– Jaylyn, RaisingJane.org

My boyfriend saw my Sisterhood packet and the card Winnie sent me welcoming me to the Farmgirl Sisterhood and decided I had joined a cult. “But there are merit badges!” I said. I don’t know of any cults that have merit badges :)

– Morgan, Tennessee, Farmgirl Connection chatroom

I LOVE reading MaryJanesFarm—every article has something new for me to learn! I even read every ad. The last two issues have connected me to people in my community who I didn’t know—both through “Farmgirl Expressions.” Love it … and you!

– Mary Jo, RaisingJane.org

Dancin’ in the Rain | Apr–May 2016

I LOVE reading MaryJanesFarm—every article has something new for me to learn! I even read every ad. The last two issues have connected me to people in my community who I didn’t know—both through “Farmgirl Expressions.” Love it … and you!

– Mary Jo, RaisingJane.org

Thank you so much for bringing joy into my life! I have never looked forward to a magazine’s arrival the way I do to MaryJanesFarm. It is so much fun to read the stories, try the crafts and recipes, and become informed on current health and wellness issues. The layout of the magazine and the delightful graphics make me smile.

I have recently retired from Early Childhood and Family Education in Minnesota. My husband and I live on a hobby farm and have chickens, cattle, and a huge garden. About five years ago, I took a “creative journey” class, and for the last year, a watercolor class. Recently, I have been playing with shaving cream and food-coloring art. Drop food coloring onto a mound of shaving cream, twirl with a toothpick, put a plain piece of paper on top, remove the paper, and scrape off the shaving cream—like magic, you have a colorful paper! I then take that paper and do mixed-media collage. I thought your Tabitha trailer would be a fun subject—hope you enjoy it!

– MaryJo, snail mail

I love how MaryJanesFarm calls to my heart and reminds me to slow down, remember what matters most, and take the time to seek that out.

– Alice, RaisingJane.org

Your magazine is such an inspiration for a healthy lifestyle. It’s classy, fun, and informational. Three generations live under my roof, and we’re all living the dream—gardening, chickens, and quilting—because of your wonderful magazine. Thank you so much!

– Connie, RaisingJane.org

MaryJanesFarm is my secret ally in facing the outside world. When everyone else is too busy texting and e-mailing to live an authentic life, I can turn to these pages of beauty and poetry of a life well-lived. It keeps me grounded and reminds me that I, too, am living my own dream of growing organic heirloom veggies and flowers and saving their seeds and sharing them with so many other fellow gardeners countrywide. When they write me and gush about how those seeds have helped them to get back to the land, feed their children healthily, and preserve the best of the past, I know I am doing the right thing, indeed. MaryJanesFarm gives me the strength to keep at it, and reminds me of all the other women doing the same. Thank you, MaryJane, for bringing that beauty and simplicity to our homes!

– Lisa, RaisingJane.org

While reading MaryJanesFarm magazine, I saw the page that taught me how to be a part of a very amazing group of farmgirls (FarmgirlSisterhood.org). I am so proud I have finally received my necklace. I bought all five books and took a couple of them camping; while my husband was 4-wheeling, I stayed and read MaryJane’s Ideabook. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading. Recently, my 76-year-old neighbor was taking an old wringer washer to the dump, so I asked if I could have it. I put it in my back yard and now use it to wash all my veggies before taking them into the house. Awesome!

– Kathleen, Farmgirl Connection chatroom

I went to visit my cousin in Pennsylvania last fall, and she gave me her last year’s copies of MaryJanesFarm. As I browsed through them from cover to cover, stopping to read one article after another and enjoying the content and the photos, I was so overjoyed to realize that there was actually a magazine written for someone like me. Thank you so much, MaryJane, for putting out a magazine that I can relate to, understand, appreciate, and thoroughly enjoy. Today, I ordered my own subscription and one for a friend. I can’t wait for my first copy to arrive!

– Meghan, Facebook.com/MaryJanesFarm