Summer Magic | Aug–Sept 2019

Thank you so much for the idea of using duct tape to make a dress form [in our “Tiptoe Through the Flowers” Feb/Mar 2019 issue]. I love mine. I went one step further and covered it in vintage jewelry!

– Irene, e-mail

Irene's jeweled dress form

The most valuable thing I’ve learned from MaryJanesFarm is to live mindfully. Whenever I open a new issue, I’m reminded to slow down and enjoy the simplicities of life. I truly enjoy learning new things from this magazine every issue!

– Courtney, RaisingJane.org

Your magazine is like a trip home (even though home isn’t there anymore). I can feel the warm sun, hear the crickets singing, and experience the sweet smell of warm earth in the spring ... I see my mother in the farmgirl standing on the wire wheel with her plaid shirt and sweet smile.

– Dee, RaisingJane.org

Thoughtful, Doable, Wild-Yeast Sourdough Bread I used to have a starter, but the instructions said to “dump” or use ¾ cup a day ... this was just too much to deal with or waste. MaryJane’s method [in her book, Wild Bread] is far superior. There are recipes to use the excess starter and methods to maintain the starter in the refrigerator and take it out when needed. No more crazy waste. Clear instructions and beautiful pictures for several types of grains, including gluten free. The pizza crust was great, pancakes were also great. Thank you, MaryJane! I love creating healthy, home-baked goodies.

– Anonymous, online review

There is always something to learn from MaryJanesFarm ... Baking a new Decadent Triple-Chocolate Cookie or making decorative rope ribbon from fabric scraps [in our “Creature Comforts” Dec/Jan 2019 issue], or finding a new soup to try [in our “Tiptoe Through the Flowers” Feb/Mar 2019 issue]. It keeps me coming back.

– Carol, RaisingJane.org

I found a community that appreciates learning, reading, and doing. It’s so refreshing!

– Krystle

Anytime I have a precious few moments to myself, MaryJanesFarm brings a smile to my face, lifts my spirits, and always gives me new ideas for the home, yard, cooking, or crafts.

– Kathy, RaisingJane.org

These days, rest is a hot cup of tea and the latest issue of MaryJanesFarm while my baby naps. MaryJanesFarm reminds me that rest can take different forms … keep your eyes open for it.

– Robin, RaisingJane.org

EVERYTHING about your magazine is an inspiration to me! I moved to the wilds of the Ozarks three years ago and have been an avid subscriber to MaryJanesFarm ever since. In a world of shrinking magazines and rising subscription rates, your magazine is well worth the reasonable subscription rate. It is well designed, clear, concise, and beautifully appointed. I deeply treasure each and every copy.

– Robin, RaisingJane.org

Nesting | Oct–Nov 2019

I have been a subscriber to your magazine for about two years. My mother, Rachel, came to visit with me this summer and fell in love with your magazine as well. She is 95 and still a farmgirl at heart! Yesterday, we made strawberry jam together and Mom said, “Send this to MaryJane!” So here’s a picture of our fun day. Keep up the good work!

– Debbie, e-mail

Debbie's Mom, Rachel with berries

I’ve learned so many things from the articles in this magazine, too much to list—from DIY projects to how women help others around the world. I often take pictures of the articles (with your hashtag), sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to inspire other women. Recently, I purchased another subscription for my daughter and her roommates in another city. They LOVE it!

– Tina, RaisingJane.org

I learn so much [from your magazine] … sewing, recipes, becoming aware of organic and natural products ... and I am totally inspired by the beautiful pics/art, well-written articles, and the BEAUTY of the whole magazine. I’ve pared down from a periodical addiction to two magazines—a wool-art magazine and MaryJanesFarm. I refuse to do without those two. Thanks for the enjoyment!

– Kathy, RaisingJane.org

Hanging dish drain towels

There is much to be learned in every issue of MaryJanesFarm! I’ve shared articles, tips, books, and the magazine itself (but only on loan). One of the “most used” ideas over the years is your DIY fabric dish drainer [in our “9–5 Inside/Outside” June–July 2011 issue]. I’ve made them for gifts, given them to friends and daughters, and helped my sister make some to do the same. My magazine is read from cover to cover, and then re-read. Thanks for an outstanding periodical!

– Dee, RaisingJane.org

Being a former farmgirl, I find that your magazine just reminds me of simpler times as a girl on the farm. Frugality was a way of life for us—our routine—which is deeply embedded in my brain. “Waste not, want not” is my favorite quote. Thank you for all of your articles, advice, and just plain fun reading!

– Kathy, RaisingJane.org

I love your magazine for all the craft ideas, as well as for the natural health and wellness section. Reading your magazine makes me feel like I’m recapturing old, forgotten ways of doing things that never should have been cast aside. I’ve learned new cast-iron recipes and am looking forward to making my own wool dryer balls.

– Chrissy, RaisingJane.org

I feel like every single article in MaryJanesFarm is relevant and useful!!

– Lisa, RaisingJane.org


Let It Snow | Dec–Jan 2020

I have been reading a copy of your wonderful magazine over and over again. My Aunt Jeanne from Ohio sent it to me, along with some Christmas gifts, last year. It reminds me of my grandmother’s home in Ohio. She passed away when I was in the Republic of Panama serving in the U.S. Army. I never got to tell her goodbye, but I wrote to her about my adventures overseas near the equator. I arrived in April, while it was still cold and sometimes snowy back home. I stepped off the plane, and a wall of heat and 100 percent humidity greeted me—a big contrast from the farm on the hill in Ohio! Even though Grandma couldn’t read or speak much English, my mom and aunts would read and translate for her into Polish. She and Grandpa were some of the best farmers in our area. Even though they had 14 kids, they sold milk, eggs, and corn to the community, as well as beef and pork. Grandpa died a few months after I was born, and Grandma, with all her strength, bore the brunt of surviving with her big family alone—talk about “American” courage! I’ll never forget her. By the way, her name was Mary, too.
Please send me some more of this wonderful magazine with my new subscription ... I can’t get enough!

– Linda, mail

I just finished my annual 11-day backpacking trip in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. For four years in a row, I have carried only MaryJanesFarm Outpost vegetarian meals with me. I love the taste, size, organic rating, and the fact that I can burn the empty package in a campfire. I’ll be ordering meals for next year. Thanks for providing a perfect and healthy option for the backcountry!

– Mike, Colorado, e-mail

Outpost Pouch

Got my subscription today ... I love that you have a magazine for folks not afraid of reading!

– Sharon, Facebook

I wouldn’t ever make my fruit jam without your ChillOver powder! Love your magazine and have every issue!!

– Elizabeth, RaisingJane.org

Heartstrings | Feb–Mar 2020

MaryJane, you are THE reason I found the courage to live my authentic life! If I had never found your writings, I’d still be suffocating in the city.

– City-turned-Country Farmgirl Rebekah Teal

Family testing meals Grandpa and Grandson testing meals

Dear MaryJanesFarm, We thought you’d like to know how your products helped five typical, urban Seattleites prep for “the big one” (earthquake, that is) and prove that The Seattle Freeze* is a myth.

Our neighbors, Aravind (Arv), Anjali, and their young son, Elan, moved to Seattle less than two years ago. They’ve lived all over the world, but are new at prepping for earthquakes. Fortunately, our excellent neighbors talk about this topic like Minnesotans talk about snow—sensible preparation makes a lot more sense than fear or denial.

My husband Mark and I were doing our triennial refresh of earthquake supplies and it was time for new freeze-dried food pouches. I’d shared with Arv, who enjoys camping, that I’ve found your Outpost Backpacking foods to be far tastier than others I’ve tried. Plus, I’m allergic to corn products and MaryJanesFarm makes a variety of options that are safe for me. Arv and I started talking about combining an order to save on shipping, but when I went online to shop, I noticed for the first time that you offer many foods in Mylar packaging that can be stored for up to 15 years! Great for earthquake prep, because refreshing supplies is such a pain. A 15-year commitment is significant, so Arv and I agreed that it was time for a MaryJanesFarm tasting event.

With earthquake prep as our theme, we started planning The World’s Worst Cocktail Party. We selected eight MaryJanesFarm flavors that come in Mylar and ordered individual pouches for tasting. The plan was to make all eight and put them out like tapas for everyone to try. I happened to find a BOX of wine (I think it’s also lined in Mylar) in our basement, which seemed like the perfect accompaniment. I also made World Peace Cookies for the event, just in case everything went terribly wrong.
Arv boiled the water, then we set out paper plates, pencils, and notepads and let the prepping/tasting begin. As you can see from the photos, we individually scored each flavor, compiled results, and applied a structured ranking. Mark is a computer scientist, Arv is an economist, and Elan is probably better at math than most adults, so this was serious stuff—except maybe for the part where Arv was wearing Elan’s Harry Potter glasses and using a wand to point at the whiteboard. Also, did I mention the boxed wine?
In the end, we all agreed that we’d have gladly eaten any of the eight after an earthquake (or a long day of hiking), but it was really nice to figure out what we liked best and feel good about that 15-year commitment we’re getting ready to make. Plus, we had so much fun, Anjali and I decided that we need to buy more boxed wine and rotate the stock at least every six months. One really can’t be too prepared. Also, we came up with some pretty tasty custom mixes of your flavors, so once the other neighbors hear about it, maybe we’ll have another theme night to promote post-disaster sharing.
Thanks for making great products and giving us an excuse to have some fun with our neighbors. You can look for our Mylar order soon.

– Amy, Mark, Arv, Anjali, and Elan