Best Friends | June–July 2018

The very first time I brought home a MaryJanesFarm magazine, I was in love! It was the first magazine I ever read from cover to cover, and now, I do so with every one I get. I don’t ever want to miss anything! I have been so inspired by the contents that I want desperately to be a fancy, country farmgirl. We are about to purchase 21 acres and get started. Thank you, MaryJane, and thank you, farmgirl sisters!

– Jackie, RaisingJane.org

MaryJanesFarm has helped me realize it’s not the physical size of my “farm” that brings joy to being a farmgirl-at-heart, but the size of my farm dream. I’m on one acre in town, and with every issue of the magazine, I realize I can do something with an acre, and not to focus on what I can’t do. That perspective has brought a lot of joy!

– Jackie, RaisingJane.org

MaryJanesFarm allows me to dream of retirement. Just family, friends, and farm.

– Julie, RaisingJane.org

I stumbled upon your “Artists in Aprons” issue years ago [2006] … it was like nothing else on the newsstand. How refreshing; how wonderful! We have 10 acres on our farm built in 1864, along with chickens, bees, and goats, but I still NEED the inspiration that comes from MaryJanesFarm … clever how-tos, yummy recipes, even the photos inspire me. I want to feel connected to these sisters who long to live the lifestyle and chase dreams. With MaryJanesFarm, I realize I’m not alone!

– Mary, RaisingJane.org

Your magazine makes me feel like “I can”! Whatever it is, I can be resourceful and creative, and have fun while I’m doing it ... all with a farmgirl heart!

– Rhonda, RaisingJane.org

In January 2012, my husband died of lung cancer at 54 years old. I was 42 and lost. My world changed dramatically. I am a physical therapist and lost my desire and joy to help others at that time, so I left my work. Sometime that early summer, I picked up your June/July issue, thumbed through the articles, looked at the pictures, and wished for some healing. I can’t recall any specifics of the articles, but they helped me pull out of my funk, grab my camera, hop in my truck, and head over to the Columbia River via the Lochsa. Back to basics, back to nature, back to life! Thanks! I find something delightful in every issue.

– Renee, RaisingJane.org

Each page plants a seed of possibility ... thank you!

– Pam, RaisingJane.org

Your dairy and cheese book is the best! [Milk Cow Kitchen, 2014] I have taught cheese-making classes and use some of your recipes and references. I highly recommend your book to all of my students. The photography alone is beautiful and really represents the art of being a dairy maiden!

– Julie, RaisingJane.org

Out on a Limb | Aug–Sept 2018

Just had to tell you how much fun we’ve had with the April/May 2018 issue, “Le Picnic.” My husband and I always do themed anniversary gifts, and this year, we decided our gifts had to come from this issue—easier for him than me! But how fun—I ordered several of the books featured, found a wonderful vintage picnic basket, and made the cute picnic blanket. Had a ball with the process, and can’t wait to give it to him—on a picnic, of course!

– Barb, e-mail

This magazine is the only magazine that I can leave out for ALL to read, including my 10-year-old granddaughter. There aren’t any inappropriate articles or advertisements. We both enjoy looking at it!

– Christine, e-mail

[It’s not where you live, but how you live ...] I have loved your magazine since discovering it during my 10 years in Yemen. It and the Sisterhood made a huge difference in my life.

– Tracy, RaisingJane.org

With MaryJanesFarm magazine, I found my peeps!

– Marianne, RaisingJane.org

[This happened when hubby Nick answered the phone for son Brian:] I’m writing to tell you thank you for the outstanding customer service I received from MaryJanesFarm. I called regarding an issue of the magazine that I was unable to locate, and the gentleman who helped me was so gracious that I decided to order a subscription. Anyone would have been impressed by this experience, but I work in marketing, so I’m always ultra-sensitive to how others in customer service respond. This could not have been more impressive.

– Elizabeth, e-mail

MaryJanesFarm triggers some nostalgia and emotion I find hard to put into words. It takes me back to a simpler time every time I open it and need inspiration to be creative, relax, and just breathe. Ahhh …

– Tammy, RaisingJane.org

I kept getting billing notices for this magazine, but I had not subscribed for it and finally wrote a note explaining that. They apologized and told me they would note the account. Well ... I received two of your magazines within the week, and I LOVE IT! So I have sent you a check to cover the subscription. Great mistake!

– Paula, e-mail

The pictures are amazing.
The recipes are delicious.
The advertisers are worth trying.
The crafts are fun, decorative, and useful.
Overall, MaryJanesFarm is a treasure to keep around and keep on using!

– Nancy, RaisingJane.org

Thank you very much to MaryJanesFarm for providing customers with such high-quality products. I just placed another order for the upcoming backpacking season. My family has tried so many other brands of meals, and will now only buy your Outpost meals for their consistently wonderful quality. They rehydrate so well and taste great. I also love how easy it is to make them and dispose of the packaging. In fact, I have been so impressed that I am excited to try your Budget Mix and BakeOver products at home.

– Melissa, e-mail

MaryJanesFarm is like a mini-vacation where I can enjoy visiting various people to make friends and learn new things. It is a breath of fresh country air.

– Jacqueline, RaisingJane.org

MaryJanesFarm is like a mini-vacation where I can enjoy visiting various people to make friends and learn new things. It is a breath of fresh country air.

– Jacqueline, RaisingJane.org

I am a Farmgirl Sister and have enjoyed your magazine for a few years now. I picked it up for the first time on a whim in my local quilt shop. I LOVE the magazine and your books! I embroidered my Farmgirl Sisterhood patch and sewed it onto my favorite denim jacket—I thought you might like to see it. Best regards and much respect,

– Dawn, e-mail

Dawn's Badge Embroidery

Keep the Change | Oct–Nov 2018

Your article, “The Power of a Smile,” in the Aug/Sept 2018 issue, strongly impacted me. Americans complain, often rightfully so. But praise? Few of us bother.

  • Asking for the postmaster, she came from her office with a frowning face in a deep-lined grimace, as if to say, “What is it this time?” I commenced, “Your carrier (name) is so helpful, so friendly, so personable, and always smiling.” The postmaster’s face appeared astonished and relieved. ”Not that all your carriers aren’t,” I added. “But I don’t know any others.”
  • I called a computer help line with a problem. The expert at the other end said, “Try this ...” After concluding the conversation, I utilized his suggestion with success. I called back and asked for him by name (I always try to remember names). “It worked,” I said, “Thank you.” He responded, “I don’t think anyone has ever called back to thank me before.”
  • Supermarket restockers work hard. I’ve noticed one almost every shopping expedition, usually tending the dairy aisle and all those heavy gallons of milk. “I see you here almost every time I shop. This is hard work. Thank you for doing it.” That was all. Like smiling, it made me feel good, too!

– Ron, Vermont, e-mail

Vickie's outdoor bathtub

Loving every issue! A few years back, you had an article about outdoor bathing (“Garden Secrets” Apr/May 2010) featuring photos of your outdoor tubs. I live in Texas on land that has been in my family for over 100 years. With almost 100 acres, I have the utmost privacy, so I decided it was time for me to have an outdoor tub. Loving it, and thank you for the wonderful idea!

– Vickie, Texas, e-mail

I find so much comfort in your magazine and books after a hectic day in the world. Thanks for keeping simplicity a thing of value!

– Hillary, RaisingJane.org

I love your magazine! It’s like an old friend stopping by.

– Becca, RaisingJane.org

I thought you might enjoy the graphic on this truck. My daughter and I saw it in a grocery store parking lot on Orcas Island.

– Sherri, Washington, e-mail

Girl Meets Dirt truck graphic

Love, love, love every issue of MaryJanesFarm! It is a happy day when I get my copy in the mail. I read it cover to cover. When I got the June/July 2018 issue with the ribbon flag on the front, I knew it was a project for my sister, my mom, and me. My sister thought the same thing. (I gift her with a subscription of the magazine, too.) We made our ribbon flags over Memorial Day weekend at my sister’s country place. I will display mine starting June 14 (Flag Day) because that is my son’s birthday. Thanks for the fun project!

– Susan, Texas, e-mail

Loved the June/July 2018 issue and the ribbon flag on the cover! It inspired me to make one, too. I used buttons from my grandma’s button jar for my “stars.” Thanks for a great magazine!

– Jen, e-mail

Thank you so much for the information in the Aug/Sept 2018 issue regarding “Stop Annoying Robocalls.” I followed the instructions and I have not received any more robocalls. I was getting at least a half dozen of these calls every night. At this time, my phone rings once, nothing comes up on my caller ID, then it stops. The robocall hears a steady busy signal on their end. I believe in time, the one ring will also stop. What a great magazine—I love it even more!!

– Cindy, e-mail