Blue Moon | June–July 2017

Where do I begin? When I sit down with an issue of MaryJanesFarm, I can’t wait to read the whole thing. Even the ads are of interest to me. The magazine puts me smack-dab in the middle of my childhood memories.

– Susan, RaisingJane.org

At 64 years of youth, I discover even more hope in your magazine for enjoying this time of my life. It has become a journey of learning. Thank you so much for the quietness of soul that comes with your magazine!

– Liz, RaisingJane.org

Your magazine is full of brilliance! Just a few examples I’ve taken from its pages: upcycled T-shirts into skirts, old rusted cookie sheets into chalkboards, and my Christmas-tree trunk into a front-door wreath.

– Jodie, RaisingJane.org

Love your magazine. Can’t wait for it to come. A fresh cup of coffee, a slice of pecan pie (my absolute fave), and the latest edition of your magazine. What could be better?

– Joyce, RaisingJane.org

Who knew? Ideas, inspiration, encouragement all come from reading your magazine. I look forward to receiving it and finding time to read it from cover to cover. And then read it again. I’ve been a gardener all my life and enjoy your enthusiasm for sharing with others. Your “seven ideas” spread is a favorite!!

– Sheila, e-mail

Your magazine just gets better and better! You cannot imagine my joyful surprise when I read the “Spring in Martinsville, New Jersey” Keeping in Touch submission [“Spring Fever” April/May 2017 issue]. I grew up in that sweet hamlet, and spring was especially precious in the rolling hills, farmland, and unspoiled woodland. Thank you!

– Diane, e-mail

I just finished reading your magazine for the first time ... it is the first time in my 71 years that I have ever read everything from cover to cover in a magazine! It fed my inner farmer as nothing has before. This may have been the first time, but it will not be the last issue I will enjoy. This year, I actually grew my first really successful garden!

– Maryann, e-mail

Thank you for such a wonderful, exciting magazine and website. I don’t feel so alone now in my farmgirl life.

– Carol, Farmgirl Sister #6607, e-mail

Geez, I’m sorry for destroying your magazine like I did ... I started reading it on a snowy morning here in Massachusetts and tore out 13 pages! There are so many tips, crafts, and recipes to try, I can’t believe it. MaryJanesFarm just keeps getting better and better ... and this is the best issue yet!

– Lizzie, e-mail

I keep looking at your Milk Cow Kitchen book and dream of the day I will have a milk cow of my own. I limited my farm dream to chickens, goats, dogs, and cats, and did not know how I could include a cow in that dream until I saw your book.

– Carol, RaisingJane.org

Hi Mary. Pete Mills and I went shopping for backpacking food and found this. We loved it, especially when we found out who made it and where it came from. I hope you are well after all these years.

– Tim Rich and Pete Mills, e-mail,
former Moose Creek River Rangers

On the Sunny Side | Aug–Sept 2017

Your magazine is an inspiration to me in so many ways, one being my photography. I am a stay-at-home mom of three amazing kids, previously a nurse, and a lifetime 4-H’er and farmgirl. This photo is of my sweet stepdaughter, Mary. It has been such a blessing to raise my kids with 4-H in their lives. Thank you for everything your magazine has to offer. Beyond the hard work, there is beauty in the art.

Such a big fan,

– Amber, Colorado, Facebook

I bought my farm in Caldwell, Idaho—a lifelong dream. I have a farmhouse on three acres, and have started a small berry farm and market garden, selling from my farm stand and at the farmers’ market—inspired by your magazine! I spent many years working at an inner-city hospital as a nurse, and one night, a fellow nurse showed me your magazine. I felt an immediate connection—my heart cried for that lifestyle. It’s a slow process, but when I retire from nursing, my fruit trees will produce. My berries already feed the community. Thank you for the beauty you spread!

– Laurie, Black Dog Berry Farm, e-mail

I absolutely love your meals for back-country camping. The Bare Burrito is so delicious, I even serve it as a dip for get-togethers in my home. It is wonderful to have an organic option on the trail. I am so glad I found them!!! Happy trails!

– Leann, e-mail

From tips to recipes to the food-for-the-soul photography, I look forward to every issue and squirrel them away or share them with my daughters-in-law.

– Suzanna, RaisingJane.org

[When MaryJanesFarm arrives] ... it feels like my best friend just stopped by to visit.

– Bridge, RaisingJane.org

Thank you for the article on ribbon daffies in the “Spring Fever” April/May 2017 issue. I made my sister, who is recovering from surgery, an everlasting bouquet of daffodils, her favorite flowers. The directions were great, and they turned out so cute. Love your magazine!

– Dani, e-mail

We just received our new “coop condo” this week. Thank you, MaryJanesFarm, for your advertiser, Urban Coop. It is a VERY quality product—wonderful materials and fit/finish.

– Cindy, HeritageJersey.org

I absolutely LOVE MaryJanesFarm. It makes my world a better place!

– Kelli, RaisingJane.org

What does MaryJanesFarm have to do with a 1946 Coronet magazine sporting the cover story “How to Get a Husband”? I came across an article in this Coronet, “Formula for a Richer Farm Life,” about a folk school in North Carolina. Something seemed very familiar, and then it dawned on me. I grabbed an issue of MaryJanesFarm , and there was an ad for the very same school, The John C. Campbell Folk School. Folk never goes out of style. Not so sure about that “How to Get a Husband” article, though.

– Carol, Facebook

[Find a feature about folk schools in our “Spring Fever” April/May 2017 issue.]

To Grandma’s House We Go | Oct–Nov 2017

The 4-H group I started had a pumpkin-decorating party inspired by MaryJanesFarm. We recently bought a small farm in Moorcroft, Wyoming, and have been working hard to clean the place up. We have collected buckets and buckets of items buried and spread all over the property. As we began to collect more things, I knew I would find a good use for them. Then I bought the “Stitchin’ Post” Oct/Nov 2016 issue of MaryJanesFarm and discovered the inspiration for my first club meeting. Thanks again for such an amazing magazine!

– Stevie, Wyoming, e-mail

Thank you for a lovely magazine. Not only topical and engaging, but old-fashioned “goodness” as well. Loved the cake cover photo spread [“On the Sunny Side” Aug/Sept 2017 issue]. We’ve had one on our refrigerator since I was much younger! A while back, you ran a pattern for Ashley’s Rose Quilt [“Comin’ Up Roses” Feb/Mar 2017 issue]. Loved it, and here is my version. It is hand-appliquéd and hand-quilted.

– Carolyn, South Dakota, e-mail

I received your magazine in the mail, and after seeing your amazing articles about chickens, I subscribed for another year! It’s been days and I’m still reading every word and section of this delicious work of art: your magazine!

– June, Canada, e-mail

Thank you for the wonderful giveaways! They are quite simply a bonus to a fantastic magazine and website.

– Diana, Oregon, e-mail

The thing I most look forward to when my issue of MaryJanesFarm arrives is some “me time”! There is so much to enjoy, to learn from, and to reflect upon between the covers. Thank you for such a delightful read!

– Amy, RaisingJane.org

I LOVE the artwork on all of your pages. I save every magazine and use them to make homemade cards. Reading an issue is like going home ...

– Elizabeth, RaisingJane.org

First ascent in Alaska powered by MaryJane! Last year, we put up a big new route in Alaska using your food. It was the first time I had used your bulk ziplock option. It worked very efficiently with the GSI Fairshare Mug (REI.com), and tasted wayyyyyyy better than any other backcountry food I’ve ever used by far! This year, we are back at it again, flying out on the ice in two weeks. Thanks very much for nourishing us out there!!!

– Tyler, e-mail