Growing Jane | Apr–May 2020

I like how your magazine celebrates and nourishes the farmgirl soul. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Our roots run deep.

– Chrissy, RaisingJane.org

I appreciate the opportunity MaryJanesFarm offers non-professional writers like myself to express our love of words. I’m actually in the process of considering a new freelance-writing career. “Keeping in Touch” offers my heart a safe playground to give it a whirl. The magazine, a gift to me this year from my mother, has inspired me to grow in so many ways. I love it!

– Holly, e-mail

Dear MaryJane,
We cannot begin to describe what a wonderful time we had at your B&B. We felt so special because of all that you and Ashley did. Everything was perfect, and we are so grateful to have made some new memories in such a lovely setting. It was delightful to meet you, and I hope our paths cross again. Please let Ashley know how much we enjoyed the bread (our children loved it as well). The raspberries were PERFECT! They have been Kathryn’s favorites since she was a child picking and eating them at her grandmother’s, and they were amazing with the cream. The whole experience seems like a dream, and Kathryn insists it must become an annual tradition. Thank you again!

– Michael, e-mail

We really appreciate all your publications, farmgirl blogs, the Sisterhood ... just everything. Oh, and the food!! We love having you in our lives!

– Kathy, snail mail

I discovered MaryJane’s Sisterhood at the time I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I joined immediately, knowing that working on badges would help “keep me going,” giving me motivation and focus without having to constantly think, “What do I do today?” I started, and completed, the work for my first badge, Mindful Meditation, which I use daily. I continue my work on Farmgirl Gratitude, and look forward to spending time relaxing and learning with many other topics.

– Diana, Farmgirl Connection Chatroom

I am trying hard to live as simply as possible. With that in mind, I made it a priority to surround myself with good advice from those who have been successful at doing just that, living simply. That’s how I came to discover MaryJanesFarm magazine. After reading your magazine cover to cover, word for word, I discovered a yearning to make something from scratch. Needless to say, your book, Wild Bread, caught my eye and I was hooked. Months after buying Wild Bread, I finally had time to commit to starting my “mother.” Well, after my first week, it wasn’t quite ready for bread. I paged through some recipes in the book and discovered your sweet-muffin recipe. I went straight to that, and to my great thrill, they turned out delicious! I substituted coconut for the raspberries in one batch, muesli in another, and blueberries in another, making about four dozen muffins. What an amazing success! I am thrilled to say that they all turned out moist and flavorful. I am so looking forward to my first loaf of bread. Thank you for a wonderful magazine and for an even more wonderful Wild Bread book!

– Karen, e-mail

MaryJanesFarm allows me to carry a piece of home with me wherever I go.

– Meg, RaisingJane.org

A Rose is a Rose | June–July 2020

I made the Rocky Road Fudge from your “Let It Snow” Dec/Jan 2020 issue (my first time making fudge). It came out great! I used milk-chocolate chips and walnuts in my recipe. I love your magazine!

– Gina, New Jersey, e-mail

I love your magazine. I learn new things every time I read it. It is antithetical to most magazines out there that try to get you to buy into whatever the current trend of lifestyle is. MaryJanesFarm truly encourages you to be you and to follow your own trends that embrace who you are and what you love. We all need to be nurturing ourselves and our planet, and MaryJanesFarm shares the know-how we need to do so.

– Bobbie, RaisingJane.org

I found MaryJane’s approach to life [in MaryJane’s Ideabook] the thing that was most pivotal for me. The mindset of choosing to do with less, to reuse, to consider not only functionality but beauty, to consider the ways our actions impact others ... all of these and more arise from reading this book. It really did change how I live my life. I now recognize that I need to decide when enough (stuff) is enough, and I consciously choose to support businesses that are in line with my own thinking. I find myself more resourceful these days, enlightened by a growth mindset that was seeded in MaryJanesFarm.

– Lori, RaisingJane.org

Just a quick note to thank you for the the beautiful MaryJane’s Ideabook I ordered for my granddaughter! I especially appreciate the personal message I requested to be included … we both cried when we saw the lovely handwritten script! We enjoy your magazine so very much, and are happy to include the Ideabook in our treasured library. Thank you again from two Texas farmgirls!

– Kathy and Hayley, e-mail

Mileposts | Aug–Sept 2020

Dear MaryJane,
I can’t recall any magazine that has kept my interest as long as MaryJanesFarm. I save every issue, and I am especially grateful now, with the isolation that has come with the pandemic. I am usually a very active person—gardening, sewing (at present, masks), cooking, and writing for a weekly newspaper. But when I have an hour or more to lounge, I reach for my magazines and re-read them, always finding something I missed. Even the ads are interesting and worth looking into. I wish to thank you for the many hours of personal enjoyment, and for the informative and interesting articles that are original and thoughtful.
Gratefully yours,

– Phyllis, mail

While living in quarantine, your magazine really helps us to escape and take our minds to the wonderful outdoors. ?

– Carrie, RaisingJane.org

I love, LOVE your magazine and have been subscribing to it for several years. I grew up on a farm, raised by parents who also each grew up on a farm. In fact, my dad farmed land that had been in our family since the 1760s. So, farming runs through our veins. We understand the work ethic, getting dirty more than clean, and the pride in doing it well. Your magazine is a reminder of how much I loved it, and I enjoy every issue so very much!

– Claire, RaisingJane.org

My mom showed me your magazine years ago, and I have been in love with it ever since. I save them; they are too precious to throw away.

– Mauri, RaisingJane.org

The April–May issue was enjoyed from beginning to end, and then came the pandemic. Feeling a creative urge, I made your Farmgirl Coasters and was hooked. What a clever concept and outstanding finished product!

– Skeet, e-mail

I absolutely love MaryJanesFarm and was so excited to pick up the April–May issue on a recent trip to the grocery store. It has been a great pick-me-up during this time of “stay in place.” The beautiful spring issue just gives me a feeling of hope!

– Kathy, e-mail

My family has officially fallen in love with your products!! The quality of your food and the quickness of delivery and processing has won us over. I am submitting my second order and ultimately, we are looking forward to buying the Family Stash as we save for it. What a fantastic opportunity to feed our boys some great-tasting organic food!!!

– Fadi, e-mail

I stumbled onto to MaryJanesFarm accidentally when I bought a stack of old ones at a yard sale (Why someone would sell them, I have no idea!) Needless to say, after I looked through my newfound treasures, I got my own subscription and I’ve never let my subscription lapse.

– Lisa, RaisingJane.org

Be At Home | Oct–Nov 2020

Everything about this magazine makes my heart happy!

– Kathy, RaisingJane.org

My first issue of MaryJanesFarm was the “Plum-Easy” June/July 2009 issue. I instantly fell in love with it and your philosophy. It really IS your heart that leads you on the paths in your life. Since then, I’ve collected, read, and re-read all the issues. I can’t get enough of MaryJanesFarm! It is a reminder to me that though I don’t live on a farm, I can still have the heart of a farmgirl.

– Terry, RaisingJane.org

One of the reasons I subscribe to MaryJanesFarm is reading articles like your “10 Surprising Health Benefits of Gardening” [in our “A Rose Is a Rose” June/July 2020 issue]. Thanks!

– Terry, RaisingJane.org

I am reading the latest issue of your magazine [our “A Rose Is a Rose” June/July 2020 issue] and was totally fascinated by the article entitled “Red Lipstick’s Revolutionary Roots.” Susan B. Anthony is a 4x-removed cousin of mine, and I try to save all articles pertaining to women fighting for equal rights. It is fun to read about different ways women used to come together as sisters in equality. That is the main focus of your magazine—bringing women together in a common cause—and it is much appreciated. Thank you for all the women you include in your magazine through stories and authors.

– Linda, RaisingJane.org

I love this magazine! I have a vegetable and rose garden that I love tending to and I appreciate articles referring to these, including alternative ways to use veggies. I have also started to make my own shampoo, liquid hand soap, and salves. I appreciate the support that MaryJanesFarm provides. I am considering joining the Sisterhood, as I would love to engage my grandchildren in earning badges. This is one magazine that I will continue to subscribe to!

– Barbara, RaisingJane.org

Your magazine takes me to peaceful places, as I’m a full-time caretaker for my hubby’s mom. Thank you for what you bring to my isolated life!

– Barbara, RaisingJane.org

I wanted to say how absolutely DELICIOUS your peach slab pie recipe is from the June/July 2020 issue. I made it last weekend, and Warren and I both agreed it was the best ever! And your new crust recipe—WOW, it is incredible and so tender. Late last week, my order of your Barron’s Flour Mill flour and more ChillOver powder arrived, so I was ready to try the recipe. Your flour makes the best everything! While I was waiting for the shipment to arrive, I was using a bag of flour that I was able to find on the grocery shelf, and it was no comparison. I threw it all out when my flour arrived. Thanks to you and Ashley for the work you put into these new recipes!

– Winnie, e-mail

I’ve been reading your magazine for at least 12 years. I love it and look forward to every issue. I have kept every one, and during this time of staying home, I return to some of the first issues that had so many cute drawings and small quotes and verses. So charming and lovely!

– Kathleen, e-mail

I’ve recently moved from the big city (Chicago) to a country home in Tennessee. I’ve always been a gardener and had my little plot in the city. But now, I have a whole acre for myself! It didn’t take long for me to find my way back to MaryJanesFarm—it was like reconnecting with an old friend. Who else would help me through this season of life but a farmgirl?

– Debbie, RaisingJane.org