All That Glitters | Dec–Jan 2017

Your magazine makes my soul smile. We have been fans of your magazine and books for years now. There is nothing like sitting down with a cup of coffee in our yard, amongst the flowers and veggie garden, to discover the joys you bring to us each new issue.

– Jenn, Facebook.com/MaryJanesFarm

Pam's Scottish Highland

I want to thank you for the inspiration to continue my small hobby farm. Just when I wonder if I should continue, your wonderful magazine arrives and makes me more determined. And your Milk Cow Kitchen book was a lifesaver with my first Jersey cow.

– Sara Ann, e-mail

Thank you for making such delicious and healthy backcountry food! I LOVE your serving-size options. I do a lot of solo hiking, and the smallest option from most other brands (if they even have anything vegan) is way too much food for me and ends up wasted. The 1.5 serving option you have is perfect!

– Kathryn, Virginia, e-mail

After being gifted just one issue of your magazine, I was completely hooked! Not only does your magazine (and company in general) inspire me to live a farmgirl life, but it also inspires me to follow my dreams, volunteer, donate, recycle, cook, garden, sew, craft, build, and view life as positively as I can. I just wanted to let you know that this farmgirl will continue clucking and subscribing!

– Ashley, Texas, e-mail

I lollygagged on my front porch this evening and watched two owls do a pas de deux across the stage of my front yard to the tune of crickets, frogs, and cicadas. After two stars appeared in the sky, I decided I needed to head inside to write this letter of thanks to you.

I have been a subscriber for several years and was a member of the Sisterhood for a few, too. I honestly thought I was through with the MaryJane “phase” of my life when I finally took a leap of faith and decided to retire at the age of 56. Then I realized how truly helpful your magazine is to me.

I’ve been searching back issues (never throw one away) to show my husband the kind of clothesline I want him to build for me. The craft ideas and articles keep me inspired to “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Just the thing I need to help me remember that paychecks are nice, but the truly important things—family, friends, owls at twilight—cannot be bought.

– Carol, Georgia, e-mail

MaryJanesFarm inspires me in so many different ways, from love of home, love of a simpler way of life, appreciating the beauty that surrounds us every day, to the “can do” attitude!

– Bev, RaisingJane.org

Pam's Scottish Highland

I have subscribed to your magazine for about three years, and I save, love, and put page tabs on every issue. It feeds my soul.

In your “The Experiment,” Aug/Sept 2015 issue, you gave instructions on how to make a barrel-stave swing. I had wanted a country swing in my yard for many years. When I saw this swing, I knew it was the one I wanted. I had everything except the rope. I made the swing in one morning and hung it by myself. When I sit in this swing, it just transports me back to my youth—it is so wonderful, I just love it!

Thank you for all the time, energy, and love you put into this marvelous magazine.

– Connie, e-mail

Comin’ Up Roses | Feb–Mar 2017

I just wanted to share this picture of my 2-year-old farmgirl. We love your magazine! And soon, we are adding a dairy cow to our family.

– Michelle Primer, Facebook.com/MaryJanesFarm

I want to thank you for stepping out of the box and pursuing your dreams. You and your magazine have inspired me to do the same! I sold my city home and bought a farm.

My goal was to begin a fresh-cut flower farm. With your articles, I ran with all the information about tractors, animals, and gardening. Some people had no idea this was a dream of mine, and others thought it wasn’t going to happen. Well, one year later, I own my shy-of-23-acre farm. I have 23 raised beds of vegetables in year one. I developed about two acres of flowers and more produce, raised without chemicals. I have 20 non-GMO-fed, free-range chickens and 12 layers with three roosters. My heart is full of joy! I go to market with my flowers and sell them directly from a garden tent in front of my farm. My sister said I now officially look like a MaryJane farmer.

I want to thank you for being my inspiration. Farm life is my dream come true!

– Teresa, Ohio, e-mail

I am here in Nevada all the way from England visiting my relative, who is convalescing after heart surgery. I went down to fetch her mail and pulled out your magazine from all the letters and flyers. Sitting in a cozy corner on the back porch looking up at the mountains, I fell in love with MaryJanesFarm. This is the most engaging, interesting, informative, and fun read I’ve had the privilege of indulging in. I discovered my aunt’s back issues and I can’t wait to try out every single recipe and idea! You took me back to days I miss from a simple ’70s frugal childhood when everything was make-do and mend. Thank you for making my stay in the U.S. so restful and enjoyable!

– Louise, England, e-mail

I live in the Nebraska Panhandle, where wheat harvest is just kicking off. An acquaintance of my husband recently pointed out that when you drive past the wheat fields, you see tracks where the farmers are driving through their ripe fields. Being perplexed as to why they would do this, he inquired around and was told that just prior to harvest, the farmers are spraying Roundup on the wheat to kill off any remaining green stalks before harvest. I will never again buy flour that is not certified organic. Beware, lest you want a little Roundup in your biscuits. I just received my 10-lb supply of your baking mix. Thanks, MaryJane and company!

– Mary, Nebraska, e-mail

No matter how bad things may seem to be, I always feel uplifted after reading MaryJanesFarm.

– Christa, RaisingJane.org

We just got back from four beautiful days in the Ventana Wilderness in Central California near our home. We picked up some of your dinners at our favorite local backpacking store (Down Works in Santa Cruz) before heading out. Wow!! Dinner every night was a real treat! We are very grateful for your delicious, organic, even dairy- and wheat-free backpacking dinners that are scrumptious!!

– Beth, California, e-mail

Just received your “cookbook” magazine and Budget Mix [MaryJanesFarm Tote Bag Special, including our handmade farmgirl totebag, 2 lbs Budget Mix, and the special “Farm Kitchen” issue of our magazine]. Loved the “cookbook”! My intention was to write a few of the BakeOver recipes down and give the magazine to my sister, but I can’t part with it, so I will be placing another order for her. I have to comment on the Chicken & Dumplings recipe: My mom used to make it, and it looked just like the picture. I can’t wait to have my sister make this for me!

– Lynne, Arizona, e-mail

MaryJanesFarm helped me stop wishing I could be a strong and resourceful woman like my grandmothers were and just BE one. And I am! What’s not to enjoy about that?!

– Christa, RaisingJane.org

Spring Fever | April–May 2017

My nephew, Asher, and Orville the pig. We have an organic hog farm, as well as a farm stand. At Soggy Bottom Farms, it is our mission to educate not only about food quality, but also about the importance of humanely raised animals. Orville was a runt pig raised on the bottle ... he has became our “mascot” because in our book, every life matters. True love of agriculture comes from the heart, not the wallet!

– Lacey, North Carolina, e-mail

I love, love, love your magazine! I have shared it with many of my friends. We live in an area of about 30 homes with properties of ½–1 acre. At this time, we’re the only ones with a garden, and we are the envy of the neighbors. I’m a crafter, and when I saw the quilling article [“Yesteryear” Aug/Sept 2014 issue], I could relate. It is an older craft, almost forgotten, but making a comeback thanks to women like us that enjoy doing it and sharing. I entered two quilling pieces in the Plant City, Florida, Strawberry Festival and received first-place ribbons on both of them, plus $20 for each! And next year, they are making a new entry classification just for quilling.

– Judy, Florida, e-mail

Simplicity, encouragement, fun ... just what I enjoy finding with MaryJanesFarm!

– Cynthia, RaisingJane.org

Being a part of MaryJane’s Sisterhood (FarmgirlSisterhood.org) is:

  • an opportunity to belong …
  • an opportunity to “make sense” to others …
  • an opportunity to share your knowledge and glean from others …
  • an opportunity to set yourself goals and work toward them …
  • an opportunity to share life’s trials and triumphs.

The Farmgirl Sisterhood is just that—a group of ladies who become more like sisters than strangers.

– Shannon, RaisingJane.org

Your magazine and website give me a daily boost to keep going. To keep trying new things. To stretch myself past just my family and on to others who could use a hand.

– Tammy, RaisingJane.org

We bought a bunch of your dehydrated, instant, vegan dinners to take on a roadtrip to Norway, where vegan food is not plentiful. They have been absolutely fantastic! They taste great and we love the nutrition level.

– Michael, e-mail

I enjoyed the Upcycled Patchwork Coats article in your “All That Glitters” Dec/Jan 2017 issue. When our boys were small, I appliquéd their shirts, pants, and coats with planes, cars, and more to cover stains. I continue to do that on my own T-shirts and jeans. It’s actually a fun project!

P.S. Love the magazine!

– Mary Jane, e-mail

I love your magazine! And I love Megan’s ideas, so with the “All That Glitters” Dec/Jan 2017 issue, I had a blast! I did your upcycled patchwork on a vest and gave it to a single mom. So darn cute! I also made 20 felted ornaments, and gave them away at a local rest home. And I made the yardstick tree. I made it so I could take it apart after Christmas, but I might leave it up and hang other items off the pins. The mini apple-bacon cheese balls are next. Keep up the great work and fabulous ideas!

– Teresa, Utah, snail mail