Out of the Box | Dec–Jan 2021

Just got my Aug/Sept issue of MaryJanesFarm. Of all the issues, this is my favorite. It is so country life. I live in a farming area among the Amish. We all have gardens and are self-sustaining. I was so excited that I started reading the issue in the middle of my driveway!

– Karen, e-mail

It has been the greatest honor and joy to be published in MaryJanesFarm. You have welcomed my words and heart, quirks and all, and it has brought me to happy tears and little dances each time. I appreciate the gift of “Keeping in Touch,” weaving my story into yours. It’s helped me become more me ... the greatest gift of all. Here’s a photo of me and my daughter, Scout, getting the magazine from the mailbox when my “Harvest of Love” story was published [in our “Growing Jane” Apr/May 2020 issue].

– Holly Love King, e-mail

Holly and daughter with magazine at mailbox

Our daughter (also a subscriber) sent us a subscription to MaryJanesFarm ... the ‘When is my next issue coming?’ publication. Our farm in Indiana is now just hay, but visiting groundhogs, snakes, birds, raccoons, deer, mink, and squirrels entertain me at 92 years old. We share your magazine with all we encounter; one is never too old to try and learn ... I read every word! Here’s a tip: Keep your popcorn kernels in the refrigerator and preheat your popper for 30–60 seconds before popping, and no kernels will fly out. Perky Penny, my yellow lab, and I have a daily popcorn party.

– Madeline, e-mail

I had to write to say that I just finished reading your June/July issue and was so moved. Particularly, what you wrote in your “Here for Life” section. Yes, your magazine is a huge distraction from worry during such a time of isolation. Perhaps the part that moved me most was the piece about your grandchildren engaged in their imaginary worlds. You closed the piece both with a quote from Fred Rogers: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping,’” and something you said: “Yes, let’s pretend. Today, I’m imagining a world also stricken with kindness.” That brought me to much-needed tears ... tears of both sadness and gratitude. Thank you.

– Kathy, e-mail

Traci's book art Traci's bathtub spa

My sisters and I made a unique children’s book by using your magazine to make collages about our experiences during the first few months of COVID-19 (all three of us have subscriptions). You gave us light in a dark and difficult time of our lives. We used texting, zooming, telephoning, and snail mail to complete the combined effort. A big thank you for helping us to stay engaged and focused during the lockdown.
P.S. Just wanted to include this pic of my backyard spa, inspired by MaryJanesFarm!

– Traci, Indiana,
urban outdoor-tub enthusiast

Work. Play. Cut Loose. | Feb–Mar 2021
Mary's granary she-shed Sandy's she-shed

[And how about this she-shack sanctuary, built by Sandy Foster in the Catskills and featured in our Feb/Mar 2011 “Shelter from the Storm” issue.]

I have subscribed to your magazine for over 15 years. I love the photos, as well as the articles. I have also purchased two of your books. My husband and I recently finished a project that I would like to share with you. I have always been intrigued by silos, granaries, and old rider’s cabins. My husband purchased a granary from a farm near where my grandparents ran a dairy here in Utah. The ground is being sold off quickly, and most of the old farm buildings and barns are being torn down or demolished. We took the old Sioux granary and built a “she shack” for us to enjoy and use while spending time in our horse arena. We posted several pictures of our progress and finished project on social media and quickly realized that both women and men love the idea of a “she shack” or “man cave.” This project has been fun as well as a way to provide restoration for something that would have been scrapped had we not saved it.

– Mary and Jeff, e-mail

Amazing!!! I can’t wait to try the others I have in my backpack.

– Sheila, e-mail
Florida Area Director
& CEO of Fun UPlay Kids Florida

Sheila's trip photo with outpost Sheila's burrito

I just wanted to drop you folks a line and say thank you again for the great grub during my 2020 Montana hiking adventure. I hiked most of the Continental Divide Trail from Summit to Butte, Montana, with resupply in Augusta, Lincoln, and Helena. Can’t say enough about the ease of preparation and quality (flavor and variety) of your dehydrated meals.
Great stuff—keep up the good work.

– John, e-mail

You have the best magazine out there. I feel pampered, relaxed, challenged, and wiser after reading MaryJanesFarm!

– Jada, RaisingJane.org

Close to the Land | Apr–May 2021

Tucked in my camouflage bag every deer-hunting season are my six issues (the current year) of MaryJanesFarm. Delaying the gratification of reading the issues as soon as they hit my mailbox is not easy, but worth the wait during those 10 tranquil days of sitting in my deer blind deep in the woods. Because I am more of an avid reader than a hunter (I go in support of my husband), I also journal noteworthy articles, recipes, and websites that spark my interest from each issue. It is during the year-long wait until the next deer season when I can open the front cover of MaryJanesFarm that I remain engaged in all that the magazine has to offer by following up on that which I have journaled. Once my current five-year subscription expires, I will enroll again. I absolutely love your publication!

– Jada, RaisingJane.org

MaryJane's Cast-Iron Kitchen book cover

I can’t thank you enough for MaryJane’s Cast Iron Kitchen—it’s a feast for the eyes. The stories, artwork, photographs, and step-by-step recipes are perfect and delightful. Each recipe is worthy of a great meal and easy to follow. Thanks again for such a special cast-iron cookbook. It’s the BEST I’ve ever seen!

– Dorothy, e-mail

Many years ago, I took my mother to a doctor’s appointment, and there was MaryJanesFarm. I read the whole thing and could not put it down, so I asked if I could take it; they said yes. The next day, I subscribed. That was about 10 years ago, and I still can’t wait until the next issue comes out, wishing they came every month. Thank you for the joy that you bring!

– Jada, RaisingJane.org

I discovered your magazine by chance about a year ago, and it felt like home. My husband and my father were both raised on farms, but I missed out and have experienced a yearning for farm life, which your magazine fills. Now, I’m a faithful, excited subscriber!

– Patricia, RaisingJane.org

So many things in your last issue (“Work. Play. Cut Loose.” Feb/Mar 2021):
Workwear: great resource, thanks!
Bombas: been buying them for years! (The compression socks are my daughter, the nurse’s, absolute favs!)
She Cave: finally did it ... with a sewing room! CHOCOLATE: enough said!
Temperature quilt: boom!
Educated, inspired, creative, and PLAYFUL ... mission accomplished!

– Karin, e-mail

MaryJane's Milk Cow Kitchen book cover

I love this book! (Milk Cow Kitchen) At first, I thought it couldn’t possibly have a wealth of information because it was such a pretty book, but then I read it. It’s fantastic! So much important information. Worth every penny.

– Marcia, Amazon review

I gave my daughter, Jill, a subscription to your magazine last year and she’s not the only one who loves it!

– Karla, e-mail

Karla's cat resting on MaryJanesFarm magazine
Watering Hole | June–July 2021

Just wanted to let you know how much I love MaryJanesFarm! I worked in a small rural library, and a few years ago, I subscribed and paid to have the magazine available for checkout. It’s been one of our most popular magazines. We love it! We were even happier when EBSCO offered it for libraries to subscribe to. After Covid-19 hit, I decided to retire, then our library system decided to halt all magazine subscriptions as a safety precaution during the pandemic. Being an avid magazine reader, I was so sad at this news. So last month, I subscribed again because I missed reading the magazine. I received my first copy a few days ago, and was so bummed because it had damage from mailing it. Of course, I teased my mom (a Post Office retiree) about the damage. But I was still so excited to have MaryJanesFarm in my hands again; even a damaged magazine in hand is better than none at all!

– Raelene, e-mail

[We sent a Raelene a replacement issue as soon as we got her e-mail.]

– MaryJane

My grandma received your magazine for a long time, and I would always steal her copies when she was done with them. Well, when we moved away to Wyoming, I decided it was time to subscribe myself, and I haven’t looked back since!

– Madison, RaisingJane.org

Wow! It’s like a master class in bread! I was so impressed with the detailed informational instruction given in this cookbook [Wild Bread]. I love that the recipes show variations of 6 or more different flours and recipe adjustments for each. I am new to bread making and really needed detailed information for making and maintaining a sourdough starter. There are more varieties of bread than I could have imagined. I am very pleased with this book.

– Amazon 5-star review (also available at MaryJanesFarm.org)

MaryJane's Wild Bread Book

MaryJane, it’s been such a blessing to me to have your magazines in my life for the past few years. I’m 40 now, and ever since I was a little girl, I’ve known that my heart yearned for experiences and memories of the quality kind. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I watched every episode of Little House on the Prairie and felt that I was born in the wrong era. I’ve combed through shelf after shelf in many stores looking for the right country magazine to captivate me and bring a feeling of satisfaction, but they all disappointed until I found MaryJanesFarm. I homeschool four wonderful children with such discipline that I forget to enjoy the simple moments I should embrace, but when I pull out an old issue of your magazine, I am humbly reminded of the importance of each and every moment happening now, and even those that happened in the lives of the women of my childhood. I’m so thankful for this magazine that you put together and for the writers who contribute and tell my story in such artistic and hilarious ways.

– Carmen, RaisingJane.org

Your magazine is a great escape from the virus and from daily work-from-home life!

– Deb, RaisingJane.org

I purchased my first copy of your magazine off the shelf. Then I subscribed and have been subscribing ever since. I love it so much, I give a gift subscription to my daughter every year. My husband even likes to look. Once, he took an issue about raising honeybees to church to share with a guy that raises bees. He had told him about the article in conversation, and decided to take him the magazine. Great articles in every issue!

– Barbara, RaisingJane.org

I love all things about country living. I like to can some, sew some, and enjoy plants and flowers. So when I saw your magazine offered by Publisher’s Clearinghouse, I thought I would give it a try. It is a joy to read.

– Jane, RaisingJane.org

When I receive my magazine in the mail, I know it’s my time. I can sit with a cup of tea and relax. I am a busy Grammy of five and also hobby farm. I am inspired by the magazine! Thank you so much for all you do!

– Monica, RaisingJane.org