I’ll Be Home | Dec–Jan 2018

I recently purchased my first issue of MaryJanesFarm. We were shopping at Tractor Supply in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, and I was bored in line, so I started looking at the magazines. I was so excited when I saw all your wonderful articles. I am a “transplanted” Texan and somewhat of a city girl. However, after having a major heart attack, I knew that I needed the country and I needed it badly. I found a tiny cabin in the woods of Tennessee, and it was my healing place. I learned to live under a metal roof in fewer than 500 square feet, avoid the five-foot-long black snake that kept the other snakes at bay, use only one appliance in the kitchen at a time, and finally, learned how to sit and listen to the woods.

It must have done some good, because it’s been three years since my body tried to make a great escape! Now, at the age of 69, I will be marrying a sweet country man who is having fun introducing me to all this country has to offer. I mention this because three years ago, I would not have picked up a magazine that related to farm animals, although I love them. But the June/July issue of your magazine had so much more. And the stories are so fun to read and informative, you have almost talked me into chickens! Please keep up the awesome décor and DIY articles. I am a diehard DIY’er and an “artist of many things made from many things,” so I loved your lamp ideas. We have one of those old sewing machines and are going to convert it into a lamp. We are working on a vintage typewriter that will also be a lamp. I am loving being a country girl and having a magazine that teaches me in so many ways!

– Char, Tennessee, e-mail

I truly believe that being a “farmgirl” is a state of mind, not necessarily where you live. I live in the suburbs, and unfortunately, I am not permitted by law to have chickens or keep bees (trust me, I have checked!), But MaryJanesFarm magazine has led me to living a much more natural and “farm-inspired” life—in the way I eat, the way I decorate, the way I dress, and even the way I think. I am drawing out the plan for the garden I will be planting next year. I am waking earlier and going outside to enjoy a cup of coffee, watching nature at dawn’s first light instead of watching the morning news. I am much more conscious of the food I purchase and am making sure to go out of my way to patronize farms in the surrounding area and farmers’ markets. I have found a new love of crafting, and I am turning off the electronics immediately after work and only using them if necessary. I am spending my time with more quality. I am re-finding my appreciation of the simple things in life ... and I thank MaryJanesFarm for all of this.

– Cyndie, RaisingJane.org

Milk Cow Kitchen: I love, love, love this book! I just can’t stop looking at the pictures.

– Sheila, RaisingJane.org

MaryJanesFarm is such a fun-filled, farm-idea-filled magazine. It helped me get the courage to make curtains for my little Rpod RV. And they look so cute. I love the farmgirl focus, and give my friends subscriptions every year to help with their farm dreams.

– Linda Lou, RaisingJane.org

I don’t know how I first got hold of your magazine. But I remember I couldn’t put it down and missed the noon news I was waiting to watch on TV! It’s both inspiring and relaxing. What could be better than that?

– Samantha, RaisingJane.org

I just finished your Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook, and am IN LOVE with your philosophy on life! Will be buying your Outpost book next, already own/read your Glamping book, and subscribe to MaryJanesFarm magazine! I feel reborn and excited about life again. GOD BLESS LIFE’S SIMPLE PLEASURES and GOD BLESS MARYJANE!

– Renée, e-mail

Hip to Be Square | Feb–Mar 2018

I have always loved nature, but have spent most of my life in the big city. MaryJanesFarm has given my soul a place to rest. I get ideas on how to bring nature into my home, as well as the knowledge that nature really is right outside—I just have to make sure to make time for it. I’ve always wanted a cow, and your Milk Cow Kitchen book will help me realize that dream, even if it’s only in my mind!

– Dorothy, RaisingJane.org

Your magazine is, put simply, beautiful. The creative ideas, concepts, and recommended products are reliable. My first issue was inspiring, to say the least: the step-by-step process of finding and purchasing a farm/ranch. The shared stories, old photographs, and how-tos are AMAZING! Love this positive, proactive magazine.

– Joan, RaisingJane.org

Whether you are a long-time cast-iron user or new to it, MaryJane’s Cast Iron Kitchen is a wonderful guide. Many excellent recipes, and reading through it, I want to try almost every one.

– Charemor, Amazon review

MaryJanesFarm has opened my eyes to the beauty of farming. I’ve always enjoyed getting dirty and sweaty and getting work done, but I often thought there was nothing beautiful about it … boy, was I wrong. There is beauty in every bit of it, and all I needed was a little nudge from MaryJanesFarm magazine to open my eyes to everything I was missing! Thank you for that.

– Dakota, RaisingJane.org

Pam's Scottish Highland

I just love your magazine; it is such a joy to read and I learn something new with every issue! I just wanted to share a picture of our “Model Who Moos” in training. We raise Scottish Highlands, and this one is 3 months old. Thank you for a down-home, wonderful magazine!

P.S. My husband loves it, too!

– Pam, Pennsylvania, snail mail

MaryJane helps me settle into my dreams.

– Missy, RaisingJane.org

I just reread my Feb–Mar [2018] issue of MaryJanesFarm, and it resonated with me on every page. All the things I love—quilting, hygge, recipes, red lipstick!, and a kindred spirit in Ja Soon Kim. I collect heart-shaped rocks and bits of nature, too, but her tableaux are so creative and beautiful—very inspiring. Thank you for your wonderful publication. I enjoy it each and every month!

– Ann, Facebook.com/MaryJanesFarm

If I had to choose only one magazine to have a subscription to, it would be MaryJanesFarm. I enjoy each and every article, and I have learned a lot of how-tos, how-not-tos, and more. Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing a great lifestyle with the world.

– Pauline, e-mail

MaryJanesFarm helped me realize it’s not how big, small, or intricate; it’s about the farmgirl spirit and attitude. My little city lot is now my farmette!

– Toni, RaisingJane.org

Your magazine has become such an inspiration for me! To be honest, I didn’t think that when the first few issues arrived. My mom had gotten me a subscription as a birthday gift. Initially, I almost dreaded reading it because I thought I was such a failure compared to the women I would read about. But soon, I realized how much I identified with the “farmgirl” experiences and values from MaryJanesFarm, as well as the many featured articles. You have a way of welcoming the reader, giving me a sense of friendship and even family. Eventually, I realized that the message in your magazine is not to compare, but to inspire. From cover to cover, it seems to say, “Here’s what I did; you can do it, too!” Needless to say, I begged my mom to continue my subscription!

– Christy, RaisingJane.org

Best magazine ever published!

– Jeannine, Facebook.com/MaryJanesFarm

It exists because of you!!
Baby garden,
baby critters,
baby steps ...
but we’re on our way!

– Lisa, RaisingJane.org

Janet's Sourdough Pullman Loaf

I had to write and tell you how beautiful your Wild Bread book is. I absolutely adore it. You can feel the love, memories, and hard work you put into each page and recipe. I hope others realize what a great book they will have. As usual, you hit this right out of the ballpark. Outstanding! Stores and stores of information. I’m blown over. It will be treasured and used for years. Thank you all sincerely. There will be nourishment and warmth with every bite.

Update from Janet: And just like you detailed in your book, I baked my first Pullman loaf using nothing but flour (Einkorn and Einka heirloom flours), water, and air. I can’t stop eating it, it’s so good! Thank you for how clear your instructions are. You and Ashley have made it exciting and easy to understand, and presto—look at the results! Thanks to you both.
[Note: A Pullman loaf is sandwich bread baked in a square pan that also has a lid so all four sides have a yummy crust.]

– Janet, e-mail