Organic Budget Mix® All-Purpose Original
starting at Price: $7.01

    All-purpose organic baking mix. You can use my stovetop skillet-bake instructions, my oven-bake instructions or make a BakeOver crust. And see the special recipe issue of my MaryJanesFarm magazine, Farm Kitchen, for over 50 Budget Mix recipes and mouth-watering photos. This is a Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) product. Watch farmgirl Kim Fisher make biscuits using our Budget Mix. Budget Mix RecipesIn addition to the recipes included with your package of Budget Mix, you can... (See product.)

    Budget Mix® All-Purpose Gluten Free
    starting at Price: $11.36

      This mix is unlike all the other gluten-free recipes you’ve tried before. After hours of testing, I finally perfected a recipe using rice flour. No more grainy, dense, or just plain weird concoctions with strange combinations of numerous ingredients. Throw them all out! Now, with my all-purpose gluten-free baking mix and the 16 included recipes (2 on the box, 14 inside), you’ll whip up baked goods every bit as good as those with wheat — biscuits, pancakes, muffins, tarts, crepes, cupcakes,... (See product.)

      Organic Buttermilk Biscuits bread, buttermilk, biscuits, baking, baking mix, easy
      starting at Price: $7.40

        Smooth, classic biscuits with a creamy, dreamy texture. Enjoy as a treat for breakfast or complement a main dish. Basic, versatile goodness. You can use my stovetop skillet-bake instructions, my oven-bake instructions or make a BakeOver crust. This is a Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) product. (See product.)

        Organic Corn Bread
        starting at Price: $7.33

          This morning, I served my family hot skillet corn bread with butter, honey, and pie cherry jam. And I just finished making about 50 three-inch corn cakes that I’ll keep warm in a serving tray for a potluck in town later this morning. Since I’m making so many round cakes, I chose my oven method. From my first batch, I crowned one with butter, drizzled honey all over it, and declared, perfection! Puffed and golden, they look gorgeous along with the bouquet of daffodils I gathered this morning.... (See product.)

          Organic Focaccia Bread
          starting at Price: $6.99

            This quick and easy bread adds a touch of gourmet to any meal. Made with rye flour and caraway seeds, it’s a classic flavor that pairs well with Parmesan cheese. For a quick late-night snack, I add water and create a ball of dough. Then, I wet my fingers and spread the dough out into a cast-iron skillet that I’ve coated with a bit of olive oil. I turn the heat on low and add a lid. Just before I flip it, I add more olive oil to the top. After it turns a golden brown, I sprinkle on a topping of... (See product.)

            Organic Garlic-Basil Bread
            starting at Price: $7.11

              This was one of my first backcountry food inventions. This bread mix comes in a tall zip-lock bag. You add water and knead the bag with your hands until it’s thoroughly mixed. Next, you cut off a corner of the bag and squeeze small dollops of bread into a hot skillet. It’s easy and quick. Picture yourself next to a lake taking in the smell of hot bread, garlic and basil. Eating these warm little breads is heavenly. Back home, you can use my stovetop skillet-bake instructions or make a BakeOver... (See product.)

              Organic Shepherd’s Pan Bread
              starting at Price: $7.95

                In the 70s when I roamed the Uintas Mountain Range as a Wilderness Ranger, one of my responsibilities was to make sure sheepherders didn’t keep their herds in one place too long. Since I was alone a lot, I always enjoyed crossing paths with a sheepherder or two. They were Basque and didn’t speak much English, so we had a language barrier. Food, then, was our common ground. I was always invited to dinner. Coffee was truly a “cup of mud,” and the bread they made was wondrous. I’ve attempted to... (See product.)

                Organic Brownies
                starting at Price: $11.50

                  Moister, chewier, more delicious and easier to make than any brownie mix you’ve ever found. This recipe took me months to perfect. I think I used up five pounds of chocolate getting it just right. Campers tell me this is their favorite social dessert. Be the one that shows up with the “best of trip” treat. If it’s been a while since you’ve experienced the perfect dessert, then sit down to some brownies and a glass of milk. You can use my stovetop skillet-bake instructions, my oven-bake... (See product.)

                  Organic Walnut-Orange Scones
                  starting at Price: $9.79

                    I wanted to invent a recipe that matches a grandma’s love and tenderness. I didn’t want anything too exotic or generational. Scones for the kid in all of us! You can use my stovetop skillet-bake instructions, my oven-bake instructions or make a BakeOver crust.This is a Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) product. (See product.)