August 2009 | Michelle

How does one go back after tasting the sweet farm life here?? I believe in making the world a better place, and you have done that ... and share it with all who desire to come and experience “the good life.”

August 2009 | Blanche

Peaceful, relaxing, pampered, incredible food all in nature. A unique & wonderful experience.
Blanche from Ashland

August 17, 2009 | Jen Irurita

This place has been a dream come true! It has fulfilled every fantasy I’ve ever had about living outdoors, living on a farm, bathing outside, the sound of crickets with crackling fires luring you to sleep—WHAT SHEER BLISS! April & Chris have been AMAZING—fantastic meals & absolutely every comfort seen to. I feel young again, returned to a simpler, freer, wilder time. I’ve found my rhythm again! I love being without electricity, phones, TV, music, noise, PLUGS!
Thank you for creating such a magical, whimsical, delightful haven. I enjoyed & appreciated everything!
Much love,
Jen Irurita, Oregon

August 17–23, 2009 | Stacy Pecha

MaryJanesFarm is such a treasure. To be able to spend time here with each of my daughter is one of the things I am most grateful for—the memories—the traditions—the productive peacefulness. My heart is brimming with appreciation for the farm.

August 21, 2009 | Denise

WOW—It was everything I expected! It sure takes the city girl out of me. I love your “glamping” style. My granddaughters and I will be back.

August 23, 2009 | Anna

The day I spent here was amazing and I loved the way the breakfast was served so fancy. The only times I have been upset is when I remembered I have to leave. When I leave, I will start counting the days ‘till I come back.

August 26, 2009 | Debbie & Bob

Just arrived and have already fallen in love. April was a lovely greeter. The tub is heating, the wine (from Washington State) is breathing, the sun is setting—all is well in our world! The moon lit night made my star gazing bath delightful. The wine tasting around our fire was fun. The weather has been perfect. Our delicious breakfast made by Chris was elegant. Meeting MaryJane was a wonderful bonus and a special thank you to Nick for coming to our rescue. Doing what you love & loving what you do—it shows, your place is so inspiring. Thank you all.
Debbie & Bob | Santa Barbara, CA

September 2009 | Paul & Karin

Simply irresistible. Thank you for the green tomatoes. See you next year,
Paul & Karin

September 2–4, 2009 | Suz

I’ve noticed ... some things old,
    nothing new.
It’s a serene, tucked-away-in-the-woods place
I dreamed of this once.
My stay here, I knew right from
    the start was a seed planted
    straight from MaryJane’s
I won’t soon forget where I’ve
been. I plan to share it with all my kin.

September 4, 2009 | Doris Manfred

Dear MaryJane and all the staff,
It has been a wonderful 2 days. I could have done without the wind but it wasn’t raining. This place is so beautiful and everyone so happy and joyful, makes one think there is hope for the world after all. It is going to be hard to go back to the hurried and restless life. All the wonderful things you have around, turn another corner and there is something new. All the knick knacks, the doilies, aprons, tablecloths, and best of all, no plastic. Thank you for a wonderful time, it will be long remembered. Good luck on all your endeavors,
Doris Manfred | Spokane, WA

September 6, 2009 | Stephanie & Peter Bratney

I’ve always been a fan of camping, but after staying here, I will always want to camp as glamorous as MaryJane!
My husband, Peter, and I came to MJF on our 2nd wedding anniversary (he surprised me as he knew if would be right up my alley—and it was!), and we have enjoyed a most wonderful stay.
What we enjoyed most: laying lazily in the hammock, a full moon bath in the claw foot tub (such a wonderful idea!), meeting Nick, Brian, & MaryJane (so kind!), the scents of MJ candles (beautiful!), picking the juiciest & tastiest strawberries & raspberries from the garden (while trying not to get sting by the bee swarm!), a yummy country breakfast (so fresh!), Enjoying a toasty warm tent after a beautiful night bath (the stove works so well! Impressive!), and on that note, I loved seeing my husband work that stove! Thank you so much for great memories!
Stephanie & Peter Bratney
Des Moines, IA

September 7, 2009 | Jim & Sandy Puckett

MJ—I forgot what day it was. Good. It is wonderfully obvious that you have, with gusto, taken to heart the creators mandate to be fruitful, multiply, subdue, and have dominion. You have shown kindness to the land, yet you have cut roads, raised fences, poured concrete, and milled trees; all, I think, with the design of good stewardship, thoughtfulness, and creativity.
My wife and I had a peaceful, refreshing time harvesting the bounty of your garden, prowling the wheat fields at nights, soaking in the claw foot tub, entertaining our family at the outdoor kitchen, making gourmet S’mores, and enjoying your other guests at two extravagant breakfasts.
You and Nick and your staff made us feel like guests, as if the cost of our stay was just our way of helping with the groceries and giving back a little to the farm. The very best part was the stories: How our lives moved along year after year, what we learned in our triumphs and mistakes, and the hope we continue to cultivate. I was struck by what you said about my father, a mountain man who lives here in Moscow and spent most of his life in Idaho hunting, fishing, searching for artifacts and making jellies from the fruit in abandoned orchards in the wild. You called him a dying breed—yet you are perpetuating his lifestyle, and teaching and encouraging others to do likewise with your farm, stories, magazine, by your very existence; the richness and simplicity of living in harmony with the songs and rhythms of the land.
We appreciate you, and may God bless you with abundance,
Jim & Sandy Puckett
P.S. It’s beautiful here!

September 13–15, 2009 | Karen & Joy

Thank you so much for the delightful stay! It was wonderful beautiful & delicious! We were inspired & Blessed! It made for a great birthday get-away in the Palouse country which are our roots.
Karen & Joy
God bless you!

July 30, 2009 | Hannah & Linda

Thank you for the great experience of staying at the farm. Love all the great ideas! Love your magazine. Can’t wait until the next issue.
Hannah & Linda
Spearfish, South Dakota

September 21, 2009 | Lori Christiansen

What an incredible experience. Lots of ideas to really live back closer to nature and really enjoy doing so.

September 21, 2009 | Linda Hicks

For years I have been hearing about MaryJanesFarm thru Alyson. I’ve met MaryJane & other staff, subscribe to the magazine, the blog, have a beautiful book & dreamed of experiencing the farm one day.
I was told I had a weekend surprise by my boyfriend. However, when I opened my door it was Alyson “Are you ready?” My first question & hope = “Are we going to MaryJanesFarm?” —a fun early birthday surprise for me. I have loved the sounds of nature, the harvesting of fruits & vegetables, the constructing of the gingerbread farm, visits with staff, cozy nights in lovely bed, the steamy bubble batch under the starts & moon, walks thru the farm, leisure pace, crisp mornings—oh so much—not to mention a weekend with my daughter.
Looking forward to the next issue of the magazine we previewed. Thank you—your attention to detail is noticed.
Having grown up on an Iowa farm always a farmgirl,
–Linda Hicks

July 30, 2009 | Megan Kirkland

Phoebe and I had a lot of fun here. I really liked taking a bath outside; it was very relaxing. We had a great time and wish to return soon.
Megan Kirkland
P.S. Everyone is super nice! Thanks everyone!

September 2009 | Michelle

I have had the privilege of experiencing four miracles in my life: When I married my husband, The first time I ever saw my adopted children, Working in Africa with orphans, Talking with you, MaryJane, and staying at MaryJanesFarm. Thank you for making one of my miracles come true!