June 2004 | Don Morris

To everyone at MaryJanesFarm,
Thanks so much for the great time and hospitality in such a beautiful part of the country. Hope to see you folks again.

June 16, 2004 | Mare & Becka

... and on the seventh day he rested. Bet’cha I know where. See you in July.

June 18, 2004 | Ruby & Emily

... if I were Him, I would have slept through the 7th day into the 8th it’s so peaceful here.

July 2004 | Laura & Jonny Rogers

Our stay was great! I could live here!
P.S. Thank you for making us feel like we were home!

July 2004 | The Brights

Katie (mom), Calvin (11) and Lexie (7) spent two glorious days at MaryJanesFarm. We didn’t know what to expect, which made it fun. Dory greeted us with a big smile and a much appreciated tour of the property. We really enjoyed our time here by mostly kicking back, enjoying the yummy fruits and veggies, but most importantly trying to catch those darn chickens. My kids will never stop talking about those birds. I most enjoyed the friendly staff, loved the pumphouse, and Dory’s breakfast (+ coffee). Thanks to all for giving us a true glimpse of rural “farm” life. Your personal touches and beautiful yet rustic tents made it a very special and tranquil vacation.
Warmly yours, the Brights

July 2004 | B&B Guest

What a blessing God has bestowed upon MaryJane and Nick and all the workers here at the farm on Wild Iris Lane! The gardens are inspiring to me. The whispering pines have lulled me to sleep each night … and have lured me awake each morning. I’m sitting in the corner of my tent (#1 on the trail) on the small outside folding chair listening to the rain slowly sprinkling w/very light “butterfly” taps on the roof. Gradually it’s picking up speed and strength. What a comfort to me. I remember as a child, and as a teen, we’d hit the road for rodeos in Oklahoma and I’d compete in the junior events. We’d pull a horse trailer and the truck had a camper. I loved to sleep in the camper when the rain began–the sound, the smell–I guess that’s how camping began with me. Here I am eating wonderful, organic produce that MaryJane has so brilliantly raised (thru years of working with the soil).

July 2004 | B&B Guest

The hills rising up and rolling skyward are on one side and the terraced or rolling gardens on the other. I know the work was hard and endurance is the key. It has been a blessing for me this 4th of July weekend (2004) to be asked out to Moscow, Idaho to play music for MaryJane’s 1st Market Day.

July 2004 | B&B Guest

I couldn’t believe the beauty I saw as I walked down to the lower hay pasture where the white tent was set up with vendors of antique “farmgirl” things. Towns folk, country folk all converging on the little farm “at the end of the road.”

July 2004 | Monica Taylor

Apparently, as folks drive out here and hit the dirt roads that lead to Wild Iris Lane … any “meanness” they’re feeling comes out their pores and falls outside their vehicles into the ditches. Bad energy can’t stand its meanness anymore once it comes into contact with MaryJanesFarm–it has to become “good” energy as it makes its way up her lane.

July 5–13, 2004 | B&B Guest

In this tent

  • I slept very well
  • I got a great fire going (without the usual difficulties)
  • I felt at home

On this farm

  • I met the nicest people
  • I enjoyed the beautiful surroundings
  • I weeded a lot (and loved it) and hope to come back

Thanks a lot to everybody for everything.

July 8, 2004 | Beth & Joe Dees

The view was great! My husband had us stay here for a romantic evening. We’ve been married for a little over a year, and due to unfortunate events no longer had a wedding ring. We sat outside overlooking the farm, and he proposed all over again. Thank you so much for this opportunity! We love this place!

July 11, 2004 | Mark and Mary

A night out from Moscow and a birthday celebration. Wind gusts and a threatening sky, distant thunder but no rain here in the evening. Sunny but still breezy this morning. Birds, mostly familiar but one with a buzzing call is not. Lots of rabbits and chickens about! We had a wonderfully comfortable night with fire, wine, and books. An idyllic place.

August 7, 2004 | Bobbie & Skye

Megan’s Wedding Day! We love this little cabin—and of course the whole farm, these rolling wheat fields, the chickens, the plum pit, thank you MJ, for sharing your farm and including us in this happy time. May our paths continue to cross often.

“Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver,
But the other is GOLD.”

August 7, 2004 | Charley Gurche

Today Lucas and Megan will be married. The entire farm is alive with excitement and smiles. So many here who love those two and are inspired by them. The morning is glorious—I lay on the deck to feel the cool breeze and warm sun. Puffy clouds were quickly drifting across a deep blue sky and the wind in the pine tree was great to listen to. I think this is the freshest and most beautiful day of the summer. Thanks to MaryJane, Nick and friends for opening their farm and hearts to everyone.

August 8, 2004 | Sara

This is a place of lonely solitude & peace. Down below was hubbub—up here—quiet. The set-up is magnificent and we feel blessed to have stayed here. We’ll be back.
So much love

August 8, 2004 | Natalie

To Dory, Julie, esp. MaryJane. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you as Gomer Pyle would say. You have provided me with the opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve met so many wonderful people & done so many wonderful things here. I will treasure and keep this summer in my heart forever. Don’t ever quit following your dreams.
Love ya

August 23, 2004 | Adam Atwell & John O’Callaghan

Motorcycling in the Palouse with a stop at the farm. Expected hot–got wet. Where did all the rain come from (in August!)? A lovely place and a very nice community of interesting and friendly people.
Adam Atwell, Vashon Island, Washington
John O’Callaghan, Ephrata, Washington

August 23–25, 2004 | Sibyl & Don

We really enjoyed our two days spent cuddled up in bed with a good book listening to the rain on our little home away from home. I’m going to miss being cuddled up with my husband, reading and dozing off and on. We have both been so inspired by our visit to MaryJanesFarm and hope to create a magical home in the outdoors in Roslyn. Thank you for your commitment to the land, to feeding people healthy food, and for sharing your beautiful place with others. In one of your magazines you ask, “Should I go on T.V.?” Oprah has power, people listen to her. Getting your ideas heard through that medium could be extremely beneficial for thousands of people. I think I’m in favor, except be prepared! I once saw a show where she highlighted a style/brand of exercise wear that looked really comfortable. I went online to check out the pants, maybe to buy. There was a message stating that due to the appearance of the pants on Oprah, orders would be backordered for months. Anyway, I know if MaryJane follows her heart, all will work out for the best. Don and I look forward to a return trip, hopefully a “farmstay” sometime in the not too distant future. Thanks to everyone for your kindness; Dory for your incredible hospitality and braving pouring rain to bring us a yummy breakfast.

September 11–13, 2004 | Adam & Alyson Oüten

Where to start? Cooking in the plum pit by candle light, snuggled up on a soft cloud as the stove crackled and the rain fell, listening as a lone coyote made a long distance call to his neighbors— left a message—and everyone called back. Were these some of our favorite things? Or was it walking into the lantern repeatedly and bonking my head! I know which hurt the most and what my wife thought was the funniest! The memories of this place will last far longer than the contusion on my brow!! We will dream of this place until we return.

September 12, 2004 | Anna & Chris

This is so wonderful! I love it out here. Breakfast was perfect … you rock, Dory!

September 21, 2004 | Emma Brown

I love staying here looking for eggs, watching MaryJane take pictures and picking berries.

September 24, 2004 | John, Pam, & Andiette

We enjoyed our first meeting as the founding board of directors of Sirius Idaho Theatre. Thank you.

September 27–30, 2004 | Philip Patnick

How wonderful to go from the canyons of New York City to the rolling hills of this transcendent place. How wonderful to meet you all and enjoy such food and warmth and kinship in the plum pit. I may be a boy, but I’m right now, I’m a farmgirl at heart.
With thanks,
Philip Patnick | New York City

September 30, 2004 | Laura Shanely

Blessed! MaryJanesFarm is a very special place, and I loved being here!

September 30, 2004 | Tina

To everyone at MaryJanesFarm, What a magical three days it’s been! Thank you for all your warmth and hospitality! It’s been wonderful getting to know the team!! Thanks for everything!!