July 7, 2007 | The Hammons

Thank you for letting us stay at MaryJanesFarm—fun experience. Enjoyed meeting April.
The Hammons | Oregon

July 8, 2007 | Kris Nilsson

My sisters & I (Connie, Jill, & Kris) decided to make this our destination for a 3-day weekend. It was a whim after seeing a small note about your B&B in a magazine. So we flew to Spokane from Seattle & Portland, then drove down here on a hot day. We meandered through the Palouse, oohing & aahing at the graceful landscape & saw the sunset from the top of the ridge. April & her friend Julie were kind enough to welcome us as dusk set in & to light lanterns at our tents. What a welcome to this beautiful, peaceful place! It’s been a full two days—
• Sleep in the comfy beds to the sounds of owls & coyote & walnuts dropping on the canvas roof
• Delicious breakfasts at the plum pit with the great company of interesting people
• Moscow Saturday Farmer’s Market
• Lounging in the hammock or chairs, to follow the sun or shade
• Hiking or ambling
• The cleanest, best smelling outhouses I’ve ever seen!
• Dinner at Nectar (but don’t order scallops unless you like them barely cooked!) Everything else was great! Esp. the cheese plate, the pizza, & the crab cakes! • Shopping at the Co-Op
• Merry Cellars wine—if you like whites, the Viognier is exquisite!
Thanks for the respite, the peace, the laughing & conversations.
Kris Nilsson | Lynnwood, WA
P.S. The chickens have delighted me all weekend!

July 12–13, 2007 | Kay & Kathleen Norris

Being persuaded by a loving, possibly eccentric wife, I reluctantly agreed to these two days with “MaryJane,” whom I dubbed as non-existent. What a pleasant surprise to find her real and more in-life than described in the publicity we reviewed. This has been a heart-changing experience. Thank you for making our experience a part of your life, and including us in the workday attitudes so pleasantly expressed by all your staff.
Kay & Kathleen Norris
P.S. We’ll be back.

July 23, 2007 | Laura Middleton

Awoke to a golden dream!! The coo of the mourning dove harmonizes with the rushing wind over the ridge and through the pines. As my daughter April warned me; the raucous, yet welcoming call of the rooster summoned me from slumber before dawn. My beautiful daughter April Suzanne marries tomorrow—at Lochsa Lodge and got us set up last night in our comfy quarters. The town of Moscow and the Palouse are calling me “home.” I shall be relocating here as soon as possible!

September 30, 2007 | A1 & A2

What a remarkable place you have created & so generously share with the rest of the world. We are better, calmer, & inspired after our girls’ weekend on the farm. You make it look so easy to choose a path that allows you to live your dreams. We should all be so lucky! We can’t wait to come back … thank you!

Oct 17–18, 2007 | John

Simply perfect! My two nights on the farm felt like a two-week vacation! The best part—not a sound to be heard!
Thank you.


May 3, 2008 | Emme, Taylor, & Natalie

Farmgirls Gala Weekend
Thank you, thank you, thank you MaryJane for inviting us to your incredible, inspiring world of farmgirl flair! My 2 daughters, Natalie (6) and Taylor (8), will never forget their weekend here, making their newly beloved dollies with mom. We’ve been inspired to live our secret dreams, and find beauty in everyday life, and just enjoy being together. We are honored to call you and all the farmgirl here friends.
Love and hugs,
Emme, Taylor, and Natalie
P.S. We’ll be back!

May 23, 2008 | Patty & Syd

A stay at the farm is like coming home. Thank you so much for your generosity, one of the best gifts ever MJB!

June 20-23, 2008 | Nick & Julie Polello

These 3 days with my kid, friends, & family were pretty fun. I would never want to leave here.
Nick & Julie Polello | Spokane, Washington

June 22, 2008 | Bryan, Sarah, & Colton Weiss

Thank you MaryJane,
I know this entry is out of date order, but some things don’t always have to be in order. My son, husband, & myself came here to watch and enjoy the celebration of the most wonderful wedding. The couple was not just meant for each other here on earth, but they are true soulmates. We all laughed, cried, and felt true love. You, MaryJane, opened your home, your heart, & your beautiful place on earth with us. This is something we will always be grateful for & remember. On this very special time in our life to share with the newlyweds, my husband of 5 years, & I also got to quiet the noise from our on-the-go life & truly love each other and all the family who came here for this celebration. We wish the bride & groom eternal happiness. We wish you success in making all your dreams come true. Thank you again for all your hospitality.
Bryan, Sarah, & Colton Weiss
Thank you April! Happiness to all in life’s new journeys.


May 2009 | Tom & Katey Treloar

Dear Maryjane,
Thanks for the stay … We spent the night playing card games around the fire and finishing two bottles of wine!! The hammock was great fun as well.
Thanks again! See you Later!

May 20–21, 2009 | Sherry Loomis

I looked forward to this for months—with glee—Won’t Trish love this?! Even when I tried to spoil the surprise, she wouldn’t let me. Anyway, it was all I hoped it would be and more! Thank you all!

May 20–21, 2009 | Trish LaFrenure

My friend Sherry booked our two days here. I didn’t know a thing about the place. I am no “camper.” So, when we arrived and was told “let me show you to your tent,” I was: 1). Suspicious, 2). Slightly alarmed, and 3). A little worried. Imagine my surprise to find a little piece of paradise here. Now this is the way to camp! I totally want to start my own campground back home in the hills of western Massachusetts. Can’t wait to get back to my easel to paint some of these gorgeous surroundings. Meanwhile, I am certainly enjoying my stay.

June 10, 2009 | Angela Regan

I have the campground to myself. What a delightful place. I feel recharged relaxed, & ready to face the world. Took an outdoor bath for the first time ever! I will be hard to go back to my indoor tub. Had fun antique shopping in Palouse. Loved eating dinner by the campfire & sleeping with just the net doors on the tent—this is my idea of camping. What a treasure we have found here at MaryJanesFarm. This has been such a grounding experience. I am at peace and a better person for spending a few short hours of my life here.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful farm.
Angela Regan, Sequim, Washington

June 16, 2009 | Patricia Fergus

MaryJane and crew,
What a wonderful place this is. Having grown up on a big farm in the Spangle/Waverly/Fairfield area, it was just like coming home. It was a real treat to be with my two younger sisters and niece Marci Miller! A memory I shall treasure forever—thank you. Farming is basically the same, but certainly has been taken away by “modernization” and government! Keep up your ideas and ongoing farming so our grandchildren can know of their roots! You are a true pioneer woman in heart and spirit! Blessings to you.
From a cherry orchardist,
—Patricia Fergus, Farmgirl Sister #601