August 26, 2010 | Anna & mom

Anna & Mom’s Recipe for Happiness

1   bareback horse ride
2   s’mores by the campfire
5   swings on the swing
8   bounces on the trampoline
1   squirt of bubble bath
1   strawberries and raspberries
7   tail wags from Tulip & Periwinkle
3   sunggles in the cozy bed

Mix it up at MaryJanesFarm.
Bake for a day under the summer sun.
Cool for a night under the full moon.


May 2011 | Peggy

The whole experience was wonderful! The food at breakfast was great! We loved shopping at your two stores! Waking up to the birds chirping was something you don’t experience in the city. Thanks again for letting us share three generations of the women in our family. We will be back! But ‘til then, we will take home the memories we made. Thanks once again,

May 2011 | Matthew & Eve

What a truly BEAUTIFUL & PEACEFUL place! We arrive to a fire already going for us and hot bath upon our arrival. smiley face Chilled champagne and chocolate ... yum! The bed and linens are fabulously comfy. We awoke to breakfast in bed and, oh, was it delicious! It just keeps getting better and better with each passing moment. Listening to the wind in your tent is soothing. Hiking up along the ridge was spectacular—there are so many beautiful views. This place is going to be a tradition for us. We will be back, time and time again. MaryJane, you are truly a genius! Everything was done beautifully, every last detail! Thank you so much, all of you here @ MaryJanesFarm.
Matthew & Eve
6th Anniversary

June 2011 | Cindy & Dean

This will be an unforgettable vacation for us! All of you made us feel like part of your family. We were, above and beyond, pampered! The extra-special touches to our best friends’ vow renewal gave them a celebration to remember! The love and joy we felt from everyone has inspired us to pass it on to many more. We will be back.
Cindy and Dean | Oregon

June 2011 | Tim & Robin

How can I sum up our stay here? ... Awesome, fantastic, peaceful, relaxing, warm, cozy, full of warm-hearted special people, majestic, wonderful, and the list could go on! We renewed our vows here after 20 wonderful years together ... the girls, Megan and Kim, went the extra mile to make our ceremony “special.” Thanks, girls! This place and you will forever be etched in my heart! What a great thunder and lightening storm we were privy to while cuddled in bed—WOW is all I can say! Again, thank you for an awesome experience. We’ll be thinking about this special place for years to come, and we hope to be back next year.
Tim & Robin | Oregon
20th Anniversary

June 2011 | Ruth

The best nights’ sleep in forever, like camping with a great, comfy bed. This farm has inspired me to go for my farmgirl dream. Thank you and your wonderful staff. This has to be the job nobody wants to leave. Best spring break ever!!
Ruth | Tennessee

June 2011 | Pat, Peg, & Megan

We will be back! But tell them we will take home the memories we’ve made.
Thanks once again,
Pat (mom), Peg (daughter), & Megan (granddaughter)

June 17 & 18, 2011 | Jamie & Logan Leachman

Thank you, thank you, Certainly one of our top 10 memories ever ... We will be back, next time with the tribe.
Jamie & Logan Leachman | Bozeman, MT

June 25, 2009 | Terry, Kim, Parker, Andrew, & Ryan

Dear MaryJane & Staff
What a fun time we had at your farm. It was a great way to spend the weekend with our two sons who are still at home & the oldest one with is attending U of I. Breakfast was wonderful! Sorry we drank so much coffee! Can’t wait to come back.
Terry, Kim, Parker, Andrew, & Ryan Gibson | Bozeman, MT

July 2011 | Ryan & Amber

Wow! Marvelous, stupendous, incredible, amazing, quiet, peaceful, tranquil, picturesque. Can’t wait to do it again! Words can’t seem to fully describe it; you just have to experience it. The breakfast was amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Brilliant, thanks for sharing. I’m envious of your chicken coop and run; can’t wait to go home and modify my own. This place... Thanks!
10th Anniversary | Washington

July 2011 | Tracy & Tony

Beautiful place, great energy, and awesome people! We had the best weather and cool nights for campfires—no bugs, not like Wisconsin. The breakfast—to die for—5 star and made with love. smiley face Went down and swam in the Snake River and Hells Canyon—very cool! Thanks Megan, Kim, Josh, and MaryJane—a very special place! We have relaxed, enjoyed, and rested. We hope to return next year!
Tracy & Tony, Wisconsin

July 2011 | Terry

We have truly loved being here. We spent the second day exploring downtown Moscow and fell in love with the town. We spent numerous hours going from store to store just window shopping. Back here at the farm, I took a hike to the top of the mountain ... the view was amazing! Sitting by the campfire, the s’mores were excellent! For two days, we were able to leave our stressful lives behind ... Thank you so much for an amazing date with my wife!
Terry | Idaho

July 2011 | Sarah & Rick

What a relaxing place! We watched thru the mirror, while in our bed, as a bird made a nest in the clothespin holder. What fun! This place is amazing ... great time, sure to return!
Sarah & Rick | Indiana

July 2011 | CJ

What a fun and wonderful weekend with our farmgirl sisters, and with the “Queen Bee” MaryJane and her sweet and fun daughter, Meg!! A relaxing, refreshing retreat, so we could “disconnect to reconnect” —wow!!! The breakfasts!! How does one describe elegance and class in the Plum pit around a campfire and total pleasure on the palate and the environment?!
Thank you! Thank you!
CJ | Colorado

July 2011 | Diane

I turn 50 today, and could not think of a better place to celebrate. The outdoor tub brought tears to my eyes. With the scent of cloves on the breeze, I was marveling in the nature ... After my bath, I took a walk around your gardens. My inner “wild child” is speaking to me loud and clear!
Diane | Wisconsin

July 8, 2011 | Diane VanHorn

The scent of cloves and the breeze. I was marveling in nature. Calgon has nothing on you. After my bath I took a walk around your gardens. My inner “wild child” was speaking to me loud and clear. I am going to read a little now and sleep like a rock. See ya in the plum pit for breakfast!
Diane VanHorn, Sister #922
Fiddlehead Farm

July 9, 2011 | Barbara, Kelly, & Bailey

Thank you so much to all the staff at MaryJanesFarm for helping me celebrate my birthday with my daughter and granddaughter as well as the Farmgirls on the Loose! Even though we are not officially FGOTL, we were welcomed and included in their outing.
Thanks also for the wonderful breakfasts and the tea on Saturday afternoon. We enjoyed shopping in Moscow at the MJ store and using all of my gift certificate—and then some! The outdoor bath was pure bliss and a memory which will be treasured. This is a truly beautiful setting and one we hope to visit again!
Thanks again to all.

July 11, 2011 | Robin Armstrong Miller

Thank you all so very much for the lovely stay! It was just like all the other farmgirl stays ... like coming home! What fun our site was! I loved staying in our tent on the comfy bed and making our little spot for a while! It was just amazing the breakfasts we had ... WOW! I was very well fueled each day! Our tea party on the 9th was such a treat and it was so nice to visit with all the other sisters, MaryJane, Meg, Kim, Rebekah, Sarah, Alicia ... all amazing farmgirls! Thank you for the darling birthday apron! Again, thank you so much for everything! What a blast!
Farmgirl hugs,
Robin Armstrong Miller, aka “Birdie”

July 13, 2011 | Karen

What a special privilege it has been for sister-in-law Sue and I to enjoy a belated Christmas gift. This place has allowed us to be closer friends and family.
The staff here is exceptional and we’ve enjoyed them tremendously. We loved the thunder and lightning storm and the rain cooled us all. What a treat.
Bathing outside in the wide open was a real stretch for this “fat ‘ole farmgirl” but, by George, I went for it and am going to do it again. Many thanks for an incredible three days.