April 22, 2007 | Tom & Aly Lamar (of PCEI)

It is actually now Monday morning, and we just watched two geese land on the pond below us. We sit, drinking coffee outside on a glorious sunny day with a cool breeze blowing through the neighboring pines. Aly and I were married yesterday afternoon in the Palouse Ice Rink, surrounded by 300 or so of our closest family and friends. The bike ride out here from town was refreshing and warming as we arrived around midnight through the fog on Paradise Ridge.
MaryJane, thank you so much for your hospitality and gift. We just finished an amazing breakfast prepared by April, and delivered magically as if by an elf. It is so nice to sit surrounded by the ninebark and chokecherries. It is such a gift to be spoiled with such love, kindness, and grace. It is the perfect place for us to be right now! The food is so amazingly yummy!
The two geese are now wandering around upon the field, munching on things they find. I think they are inspiring Aly and I to go for our own little walk around the farm. The ridge is calling us to join it!
Tom + Aly Lamar
(of the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute)

May 2007 | Kim & Margaux

We were here. We loved it. The fall cold of the north rides the western winds down the winding valley of the Palouse.

May 2007 | Karen Ottmayer

Rest for the weary and burdened … My gratitude for your generosity in sharing your talents and land with the world. It is a gift to behold.
Karen Ottmayer
Como, Mississippi
Co-Founder of The Mississippi Farmgirls Chapter

May 2007 | Mark Wolk

A brilliant beautiful day spent in Moscow, Idaho at MaryJanesFarm. I felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders and the stresses of civilization melt away. A perfect way to relax and get in touch with the most important things life has to offer.
MaryJane, Nick, Megan, Lucas, April, and Charlie, thank you. MJF “Raising Jane”… We will do you proud!!

May 11–14, 2007 | Scott & Connie Hoover

The perfect mix of luxury and camping. The tent was wonderful ... the perfect place to sleep, lulled into slumber by the calls of wild turkeys and howls of coyotes; awakened by more varieties of bird calls than I could identify. The breakfasts were wonderful. Thank you so much!

May 26, 2007 | Patti

Thank you
My body & soul are nourished.
Peace & prosperity
This had been the best birthday gift EVER!
The farm is etched in my mind & heart

June 2007 | Lori

Pure magic—there are no words to describe the experience & beauty that is so abundant at MaryJanesFarm. You are all unbelievably special & kind. This is the kind of place that truly makes my heart sing—thank you for the beauty, the magic, & the peace—you all feel like kindred spirits to me!
God bless you

June 2007 | Miss Kari Pearson

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I felt truly calm and at peace here for the first time in a long time—thank you for reminding me how soothing and nurturing all of God’s creations can be! Bless you all for the gracious & thoughtful gifts of peace and love and acceptance that you bestow to all who are blessed to be here. I love you all.
Miss Kari Pearson
Spokane, WA

June 13–15, 2007 | Rebekah & Chris Garvin

What a beautiful time Chris and I had! “Enchanted” is a good word to describe our time here! This was our ninth anniversary—left the two little girls at home with the grandparents and retreated to reconnect with each other and God. The breakfasts were incredible! April is an amazing cook and great to talk with—as was Nick! We hiked the ridge, saw the waterfalls at Elk Creek and the giant Cedar tree. The best thing was seeing the moose in your pond our first morning and crawling on our bellies as close as we could to it. Being here has awakened (again) my desire to live close to the earth in order to feel the deep beauty of God! The honeymoon suite rocked! A toast to you all!!!
Love, Rebekah & Chris Garvin

June 14, 2007 | John & Chris

What a pleasant setting with just the right balance of outdoor experiences.mApril was a great hostess. Breakfast was both delicious and the company delightful.
John & Chris
Boise, Idaho

June 18, 2007 | Anna Pecha

Dear MaryJane,
This is a great place! I wish I lived here. I like the neat tents.
Anna Pecha
P.S. I like the chickens. No one can ever be sad at MaryJanesFarm.

June 21, 2007 | Stacy Pecha

Erica and Anna look forward to their visits all year long—and I do as well, my time spent with each of my girls provides such a treasure-trove of memories, from making dinner—swinging—snuggling under BIG covers—picking strawberries every moment is precious. My girls absolutely appreciate farm life, MaryJanesFarm life that is … Until next year …
Stacy Pecha
P.S. April is a fabulous farmgirl addition!

June 24, 2007 | Skip & Angele

Samantha, 4 years old: “I love April. I liked picking strawberries. I know what strawberries are made from—the field. I liked April’s breakfast. Let’s eat here all the time. I like jumping on the trampoline. I could live here for 1000 days!” Thanks, Nick, for the eggs under the chicken!
Pierce, 7 years old: Pierce likes eating strawberries on the hammock. He even took a nap at the plum pit with no convincing needed. He loves not having electricity—lanterns and fires all the time. “I want to live here on the farm.” (I think he’s going to ask for a hammock for Christmas!) Thanks for letting us live in the lap of luxury on the farm. So beautiful and cozy! See you later!

June 24–26, 2007 | Scott, Tammy, & Fiona

This is out first camping trip with our 1-year-old daughter; she loves it! The staff have been very friendly, and we enjoyed returning to the area we first met (we met while going to college at U of I). Thanks for a wonderful stay!
Scott, Tammy, & Fiona
Boise, Idaho

June 25, 2007 | Pam (mother)

What an unexpected treat. We knew it would be great, but had no idea how wonderful our two days would be. Exploring the farm, cooking, lazing about, cozy in our tent. We made memories of an unforgettable mother-daughter weekend! Next time, we’ll bring the family!

June 25, 2007 | Stephanie Roach (daughter)

This was my dream vacation! I loved picking strawberries in the warm sun, seeing all the different colors of Yarrow, getting food from the garden and making dinner, having the yummiest breakfast in the plum pit, and relaxing, and spending time with my mom. April was so nice and Nick was great. We love it here—we’ll be back.
Stephanie Roach (daughter),
Orcas Island, Washington

June 28, 2007 | Jim, Laura, & Aaron Wardwell

Thanks for the wonderful stay—it was refreshing in so many ways. Hearing our coyote friends at night topped off a great outdoor evening. Thanks again for this wonderful experience.
Jim, Laura, and Aaron Wardwell
Fillmore, New York

June 29, 2007 | Vicki

Thank you for a wonderful time! I’ve learned that it’s not that hard to adapt to no electricity—& cooking over a campfire is quite fun! Breakfasts here were quite delicious & very charming. It was all so quiet here—I especially loved that, I’m always trying to simplify my life & I truly enjoyed my past two days of “Simplified Life”—Thank you again.
Vicki, Washington

June 30, 2007 | Geri Pearson

Wow, a whole year has come and gone and I am the next mom/wife/farmgirl to write in the guest book. We had a wonderful time and a magical manifesto that all the dreams in the world are with you at all times. MaryJane, you’re a genius! I love you. I love dreaming with you.
Geri Pearson
P.S. I was so lucky to bring my sweet Eliza. She is my sunshine.

June 30, 2007 | Elizabeth Pearson, age 7

Thank you MaryJane.

July 2007 | Ross & Kace Hammond

MaryJane, April, & crew, Thanks so much for your hospitality. Warmth & kindness in making our weekend getaway a great experience. What a fantastic place this is!
Ross & Kace Hammond
Lawrence, Kansas

July 4, 2007 | Mary, Shane, & Alexa

Dear MaryJane, Meg, & Lucas—
All of the wonderful stories, memories, pictures, and magazines can’t do this amazing farm justice. We couldn’t have even imagined how peaceful, calm, and beautiful your farm truly is. Raising a child in this place must have been amazing. Thank you for sharing your outdoors with our family.
Mary, Shane, & Alexa
Emporia, Kansas

July 6–8, 2007 | B&B Guest

Beautiful, serene, calming place to spend a couple of days to unwind. April is magic in the kitchen! Thanks for the hospitality!