May 2005 | R. Herman, Raleigh, NC

Now this was something completely different … most enjoyable!

June 5, 2005 | B&B Guest

Came in last evening in sunny, warm weather. Really enjoyed our tour of your new facilities and grounds! The wall tent space and plum pit are wonderful! How peaceful it is to hear just the breeze and wildlife sounds, no cars and traffic like there is at our farm. No motorcycle clubs starting their weekend run past in the early morning and the late evening hours! The bed was comfy and warm. We love the woodstove, cooker and the Jet Boil. Never had hot water so fast! Our yurt is heated by a small pot belly stove that burns coal or broken prest-o-logs or very small wood. It’s not nearly as efficient as your little workhorse wood stove. We woke up to some very strong winds puffing and slapping the walls of the tent and then rain just before breakfast so sadly we did not get to eat outside this morning, however the breakfast was absolutely scrumptious! I love how you have made use of lidded canning jars. The tray was so pretty with all the white dishes and red and white napkins. The apricot-rhubarb preserves are yummy, like those from my childhood. Dory is so sweet and welcomed us with an open heart. We felt immediately like family. Rodney has to learn to duck under the lanterns. He is tall, so bonked his head a few times. Last night I dreamed a curious bear was sniffing and clacking its claws on the porch of our ten when the wind began to blow and later I dreamed of a moose with water and green grass dripping from his muzzle as he stood majestic in the pond just surveying the landscape. This morning I saw a beautiful sunrise through the clouds with spreading tendrils shooting skyward. Breathtaking!

June 2005 | Eileen & Rodney Widman

MaryJane, I hope you are enjoying your book tour and not missing home too much. We missed getting to see you but will get to one day soon! Thank you so much for such a wonderful, warm vacation. Love to you

June 19, 2005 | Jane & Zaid Abdo

Yea! we’re married! And what a wonderful spot to start our life together. This place is beautiful, relaxing, and just perfect! Thanks for the breakfast-in-bed and everything!
Thanks, MaryJane and crew!

June 20, 2005 | Stacy & Anna Pecha

My daughter Anna and I just spent our first mother-daughter overnight here at MaryJane’s. It was absolutely magical! I thought it would be best described through the eyes/words of my 5-year old Anna. Anna says … “I had a fun time jumping on the trampoline and had fun petting Halle (the baby goat). I liked taking walks and picking flowers. The outhouse doesn’t have a flusher. I learned how to swing standing up. I thought the tent was fancy and we lit all the candles while we ate MaryJane’s Chilimac. I liked looking at the cows. On the farm we had to do lots of chores, lots of walking, picking strawberries, collecting eggs. I beat mom in horseshoes and got to hold a baby bunny. I made fairy kites out of the leaves and liked swinging in the hammock. MaryJanesFarm is perfect.”

June 28, 2005 | Anna & Hannah

After one year of being separated, my mom and I got together here in this perfect idyll of MaryJanesFarm. This stay made us realize that we are still the same people after such a big and important year of change and experiences. Between the outhouse and making our (1st!) fire, we’ve found the perfect atmosphere for laughing, crying, deep conversations and all kinds of emotions. By talking about murderers and bears out here in the open we’d created a scary moment so our after-dinner hike was even more spectacular!!! This was definitely an outrageous and unforgettable stay. The breakfast was especially delicious!!! Thanks a lot and we wish you all the best!!!

June 23, 2005 | Lauri & Teresa

Much thanks to all of you—Dory, MaryJane, and staff—who have made this farm a wonderful, peaceful getaway, and also an inspiration to those of us who work ten hours a day in our office, but dream of a simpler, more meaningful lifestyle. This is it! This week we played in the sun, hiked Elk Creek Falls, read a lot, picked strawberries, and huddled in the tent during an overnight storm. Our next stay will be longer!

June 29–July 1, 2005 | John n’ Lucy Schott

What delicious memories we have made during our first stay—exceptional hospitality, roaming chickens, strawberries warmed by the sun and ripe for the picking, crowing roosters, farm-fresh breakfasts and good company at the plum pit (thanks, Dory and Melissa, for that, plus your other great eats and hiking suggestions), slow walks down the lane, perusing flower gardens, fresh laundry flapping in the breeze, and roosters ... crowing roosters (did I mention that … before smiley face?). Thanks to everyone for allowing us this fantastic opportunity and experience. We’re thinking this will be an annual pilgrimage!

June 29, 2005 | Stacy & Erica

One of the many blessings of being the mother of twins is getting to experience each of my daughters. Erica and I just enjoyed our farmhouse breakfast and are getting ready for a busy morning of swinging, jumping on the “tramp”, horseshoes & strawberries. Erica would like to say …
“Last night I painted my toenails, I loved to check the chicken coop for eggs, we had a campfire with the best marshmallows and the bed was so cozy—we used the red flashlight to make shadows on the wall.”
I only hope it will not be a full year before we are back! We love MaryJane’s!

July 2005 | John Whalen

To all my new friends at MaryJanesFarm—thank you, thank you, thank you. I leave with great admiration of the community, the friendship, and the peaceful world you have created here together. I’ve learned so much these past few days—about harmony, kindness, hard work, and living a life of giving. I believe everyone who visits MaryJanesFarm must carry back to their hometowns a little seed of this life that hopefully will change the world beyond these acres. I know I do & I will. It’s my gift back to you. God bless

July 2005 | Linda DiOria

Dear MaryJane, Not since I floated on the water in a quiet little inlet at Lake Powell with my husband have I felt such peace. My Michael passed away last year, and this little slice of tranquility has been another step in my healing. Thank you and all the wonderful crew for this gift.

July 2005 | Lisa and Susan

To everyone who has made our stay so nice—thank you. Lisa and Susan, Vancouver, Canada

July 2005 | Mary Jane

MaryJane, Carlson & Kathleen (Kathy Lou) Brown here for the farmgirl campout. Thank you all for a great time—hope to do it again. It was a hoot & holler!!! Totally fun. We are grateful for your kind hospitality.
–Mary Jane (the other one), Representing Polson, Montana

July 2005 | Stacie

I like MJF. Hope all people do too!!!

July 2005 | Danette

Thank you for opening this & making it available for us to visit!

July 4, 2005 | Jeanne

Thank you so much for the farmgirl campout! It was so fun to meet and chat with other like-minded gals! Love, Jeanne, WA

July 2, 2005 | Cindy S.

WOW. This was just what I needed! Peaceful, quiet, cozy, and inviting! You were right; I didn’t want to climb out of bed this morning! Thanks for the “loving touches”everywhere. There are simple delights at every turn. I will be back with family and friends.
Much love

July 2, 2005 | Ivette

The perfect place for a retreat. The peace and beauty is a sweet reminder of our Creator. The Lord said “let there be light” and this beauty was created! The Lord bless you MaryJane for “tending” to the beauty He created.

July 2, 2005 | Kathleen

Everything is arranged beautifully, yet it’s accessible. I love it.

July 2, 2005 | Seth

Thanks MaryJane & Dory. You’re the best! See you on America’s Heartland!

July 3–6, 2005 | Jana Lien

Oh, if only my yard were big enough to build a wall tent, I’d never go back inside my house! Thank you, Dory, for all of your attention and thoughtfulness—and your wonderful spirit. Thanks to Sally and all of the farmgirls at the farmgirl gathering. Thank you, MaryJane, Nick, and crew for dreaming up and delivering on this wonderful adventure—and for sharing your experience with others. I slept like a baby! I wish I could take the sound of the crickets and nighttime birds, the smell of the land, and the therapeutic sights with me, but I carry them back in my spirit. Thank you for the incredible experience and for keeping it organic!

July 3, 2005 | Emily Cook

We were able to stay one night here w/the farmgirl clan. It was wonderful—refreshing—energizing—uplifting.Thank you for your hospitality. You and yours are truly “given to hospitality”—a special gift. Talking and laughing around the campfire was a night that will be forever remembered—so much in common with other women—yet our differences bond us. I was one of the youngest farmgirls—and able to glean so much knowledge from the more experienced farm-moms in the tribe. Words could not express my gratitude for everything given and shared with love this weekend.
Love & prayers,
May the Lord bless you.
May the Lord make His face shine upon you.
May the Lord make you to be beautiful.

July 3, 2005 | Cat, Alexia, A.J., Addie, & Phoebe

We had loads of fun!! Thx

July 3, 2005 | Dana & Cortney

MaryJane—we had such a lovely time! We hope to come back next year. Call us if you ever come to the Skagit Valley. We’ll give you a tour of our bulb farm! With much love & thanks

July 3, 2005 | Ashleigh & Addie

Me and my friend loved this place!! We hope to come back soon!!
–Ashleigh & Addie
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