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Food Storage #3: Bulk Bounty

One-Year Supply for 2

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Food Storage #3: Bulk Bounty

Price: $5,499.00
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    • 10% is added to the price when ordering Bulk Bounty in bulk oxygen-free Mylar foil bags for emergency preparedness long-term storage.

    My most economical program is my Bulk Bounty creation. Not only will you eat healthier than you ever have before, but you’ll spend less money than you ever have before. I’ll send you a variety of different foods and cookware for the breads and desserts. It’s a good idea to jot down a purchase date on each bag (does not come in Team Rubicon box) so you can rotate through your bounty. You’ll need a storage spot away from heat, moisture and sunlight that is easily accessible.

    With my “mix and match” BakeOver idea, my breads and desserts can also become several thousand different meals. You’ll also get plenty of “just add water” foods. Most food storage companies sell food you wouldn’t eat unless you had to. I’m the solution to that problem. People on my BakeOver program say they start to eat a lot more vegetables. In fact, if you don’t grow a garden, you’ll be avoiding the entire middle section of grocery stores by heading straight for the produce section and then meat, cheese and eggs if you choose. It’ll all make perfect sense once you get your Bulk Bounty. I promise. I’ve thought of everything!

    10% is added to the price when ordering Bulk Bounty in bulk oxygen-free bags for emergency preparedness long-term storage.

    This is a Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) product.

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    “With my instant and quick prep cuisine, you can serve wholesome food fast without settling for anything less than ORGANIC.”

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