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Products MaryJane in her polka-dotted apron in the corn

Welcome! Pretend you’re here with me at my farm. Imagine the chickens cackling (braggin’ about another egg laid), and a rooster telling us it’s still morning. Then picture my pregnant Jersey milk cow, Chocolate, looking up, thinking you’ve brought her a treat—something oat-y with a hint of molasses. She turns a circle, kicks up her hind legs, and comes a runnin’ (she loves to lick my cheek when I pamper her). Adorable! I know you’re nobody’s fool, but cow breath, all warm and sweet, is the ultimate best, like fresh-mowed hay.

After you and I grab a hug from each other, we’ll wander through the rooms of my house, and eventually out to the gardens—even the 60-acre wildflower preserve adjacent to my farm. I’ll load you up on everything from food, to fanciful fun stuff, to bedding, to lotions and potions, and more—all with that unmistakable farmgirl flair!