Backpackers Grind
Price: $13.95

    Looking for that perfect backpacking coffee? Look no further. Our Backpacker's Grind option allows you to select a 0.5lb bag of coffee for your backcountry trip. Choose caffeinated or decaf; whole bean or ground coffee; and select your roast or blend from 13 varieties! (See product.)

    Mix & Match
    Price: $89.75

      Your choice of any 5 varieties of coffee available in Café Mam's shelf-stable bags. Choose from 5 roasts & blends, and choose from ground or whole bean. Our Mix & Match coffees come in Café Mam shelf-stable bags that will keep your coffee fresh for 3-6 months. (See product.)

      Stock Up
      Price: $88.25

        Choose this 5lb bag for your coffee bulk-buying needs. This option comes in a large craft bag so the coffee should be transferred to a more air-tight container for long-term storage. Choose your caffeine content, ground or whole bean coffee, and select your roast/blend from 13 varieties! (See product.)

        Dairy Creamer
        Price: $6.92

          There’s nothing more pampering than sneaking some heavy cow’s cream into your morning brew, giving it a thick, velvety smoothness. The protein in cow’s cream has the greatest ability of all creamers to soften any bitterness in coffee and tea by binding to polyphenolic compounds such as tannins that can cause stomach rumble. In addition, adding our organic cream powder to your brew won’t lower its temperature, and our cream is naturally sweet without having to add any sweeteners. Treat yourself to a hot brew laden with a... (See product.)

          Sour Cream Powder
          Price: $6.97

            Our organic sour cream powder gives that familiar buttermilk tang and fluff when added to griddle-cake batter, cast-iron biscuits, muffins, and rolls. No need to reconstitutesimply sprinkle onto meals, baked potatoes, fries, popcorn, soups, and casseroles. This is a Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) product. (See product.)