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We offer a 8oz bag or a 16oz bag. 

Enjoy Cafe' Mam's organic, fair trade Royal Roast, expertly covered in organic, fair trade chocolate, then lightly dusted in cocoa powder. What's not to love? For a coffee loving friend, it's the perfect gift!

Organic dark chocolate (organic cocoa liquor, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter), organic Café Mam coffee beans, and organic cocoa powder

Café Mam (say "mom") is grown by fair-trade cooperatives of native Mayan farmers living in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. It is 100% organic, fair-trade certified, shade-grown, high-altitude, arabica coffee.

Since 1990, Café Mam has been committed to sourcing organic, fair-trade, and shade-grown coffee from indigenous cooperatives in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Programs funded by fair-trade premiums provide countless benefits to outlying native communities connected to the cooperatives.

We believe that a fair and just world is possible, and that companies have a responsibility to do their part in creating that world. Café Mam donates 2% of all coffee sales to nonprofit organizations dedicated to organic farming, social justice, and environmental causes.

Each purchase of Café Mam coffee supports:

  • Honoring & healing the Earth
  • Self-sufficiency & political independence
  • Sustainable development of communities
  • Child welfare, education & nutrition
  • Defense of indigenous cultural identity
  • Education in organic agriculture
  • Promotion of progressive groups

For those who love coffee and care about the farmers and the earth, we give you: Café Mam.