MaryJanesFarm MaryJane Garlic Seed
Price: $12.00

    Sold in 1/2 pound increments.  It’s true. There’s an heirloom variety of hardneck garlic (hardneck means it produces a scape) named after our very own MaryJane. It’s a rare variety that she slowly brought back into disease-free production over the course of 20 years. From 60 different varieties that she conducted field trials on, this one was in a standout league of its own—truly remarkable. It stores well into spring without sprouting, peels super easy, and each individual bulb is large and pleasant to work with when... (See product.)

    MaryJanesFarm Red Gourmet Garlic Seed
    Price: $12.00

      Sold in 1/2 pound increments. A rare, disease-free, hardneck variety, Red Gourmet Garlic Seed has gorgeous, robust red tones throughout. The reason MaryJane offers this for planting along with her MaryJane variety is because the scape it produces is mild, whereas MaryJane garlic has a scape with plenty of heat. (Scapes make a delicious pesto: grind/chop; add olive oil, lime juice, and Parmesan; and spread on crackers or bread.) If you grow both MaryJane and Red Gourmet garlic, all your bases are covered. Red Gourmet stores... (See product.)

      Sweet Lena Iris Rhizomes
      Price: $15.00

        “It is very rare to come across an iris as sweet smelling as my Sweet Lena,” says Martin Holland, cultivator of our special fragrant iris. Sweet Lena, or Pallida Androfertila, is known to have the strongest sweet violet fragrance. It is blue/lavender with white trim, 24–28 inches tall, and often carries 5–7 blooms on one stem. Named for his mother, Martin multiplied the six irises she gave him until he had about 40,000, and sold them for 30 years. When he retired from iris farming at age 83, his stock of iris came to us.... (See product.)