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Farmgirl Sisterhood Members,
now you can get your young ’uns official Young Cultivator badges of their very own! (If you aren’t sure what a Young Cultivator is, find out here. →)

These badges are entirely optional for your kids, and it’s not necessary to purchase one in order to participate in earning badges.

The Young Cultivator badge comes needing some creative attention. For Young Cultivators who want to embroider their badges themselves, we’ve provided for that with a unique design that can be used as an embroidery pattern. For less patient hands, it can be used right away as a fun faux-embroidered badge.

You’ll receive the Young Cultivator logo printed on a piece of organic cotton about 9″ square, big enough to allow for an embroidery hoop. The extra fabric can be cut into hexagonal pieces for backing (to make the badge stiffer) or to hide embroidery knots. Or your Young Cultivator can cut the badge out as is and attach it to their school backpack, library book bag, or apron/smock pocket. In farmgirl style, they might want to embellish it with a few buttons, some bits of fabric, or maybe a piece of vintage lace. Since our badges are printed to look like they’ve been embroidered, it’s hard to tell at first glance. Either way, your Young Cultivator will be struttin’ their stuff for the world to see!