MaryJanes Home Sweet Roses Sham
starting at Price: $19.99

    It is the farm rose whose beauty yields an unmistakably fragrant harvest for my honeybees. Unlike all the other flowers I grow, a single rose can feel like an entire garden. As its petals open, the rose is the best-known expression of love unfolding. My Sweet Roses bed brings the romance of my farm into your home. (See product.)

    MaryJanes Home 3-Piece Provençal Rose Quilt Set MaryJanes Home Quilt Bedding Provencal Rose
    starting at Price: $179.00

      C'est la vie! The patchwork prints of my Provençal Rose collection awaken nostalgic notions of the French countryside. Even if you’ve never bicycled along the pastoral paths of rural Provence, you will revel in the romantic patterns of rustic roses and distinctly French designs. (See product.)

      MaryJanes Home 3-Piece Reine-Marie Quilt Set MaryJanes Home Quilt Bedding Reine Marie
      starting at Price: $179.00

        Refined yet romantic, the French flair of my Reine-Marie collection is unmistakable. With soft slate tones and muted yellow florals, the palette is reminiscent of watercolorist Reine-Marie Pinchon’s dreamy washes of forests and fields. Reverse the quilt to discover an elegantly monochromatic meadow of gray florals. (See product.)

        MaryJanes Home 3-Piece Patriotic Patchwork Quilt Set  MaryJanes Home Quilt Bedding Patriotic Patchwork
        starting at Price: $179.00

          With fabulous floral flair, my Patriotic Patchwork collection offers homage to the best our country has to offer. Festive hues of ruby and indigo festoon the triangular allover pattern of summer blossoms, stars, and stripes. The underside of the quilt offers a solid field of night-sky blue to lull you into dreams of a country rife with civility, polite actions, and common courtesy. (See product.)

          MaryJanes Home 3-Piece Stars and Stripes Quilt Set MaryJanes Home Quilt Bedding Stars and Stripes
          starting at Price: $179.00

            The classic blocks of my Stars & Stripes pattern are enlivened with allover printed starlit florals, smart stripes, and rosy-hued paisley designs. On the reverse side of the quilt, a deep-blue field hearkens a starry night sky. This celebratory collection boldly rings in patriotism, making it more about peace of mind than bedlam. (See product.)

            MaryJanes Home 4-Piece Dora Comforter Set
            starting at Price: $299.00

              One of the best ways to preserve our independence is to remember and bring into our modern lives women like Dora Lewis who, 100 years ago, fought for a woman's right to vote. In honor of suffragists, my Dora bed speaks to tiny ideas that blossom, liberties gained, and a sisterhood heritage I’m proud of. (See product.)

              MaryJanes Home Summer Fades to Fall Quilt
              starting at Price: $179.00

                Late summer rose blossoms fade to dusky pink as the season turns. Their graceful change is reflected in the quiet hues of my Summer Fades to Fall collection. This peaceful garden setting is the perfect nestling place to savor summer's last curtsy and bask in the gentle whisper of cotton, soft as a fall breeze. (See product.)