MaryJanes Home 4-Piece Dora Comforter Set
starting at Price: $299.00

    One of the best ways to preserve our independence is to remember and bring into our modern lives women like Dora Lewis who, 100 years ago, fought for a woman's right to vote. In honor of suffragists, my Dora bed speaks to tiny ideas that blossom, liberties gained, and a sisterhood heritage I’m proud of. (See product.)

    MaryJanes Home 4-Piece Sunset Serenade Comforter Set
    starting at Price: $299.00

      One of the most common remarks I hear from guests who stay overnight at my farm is how serene our expanse of sky becomes when the sun sets. It’s story time in the animal world! In that moment, songbirds who’ve chattered all day switch to tranquil serenatas, frogs fill in with muted rhythm, chickens head to their roost, and cows bow their heads. The colors of the day give way to hushed whispers. My Sunset Serenade bed is, quite simply, sleep inducing. (See product.)

      MaryJanes Home Prairie Bloom Bedspread
      starting at Price: $239.00

        The enchantment of wild prairie flowers, combined with the magic of a kaleidoscope, give my Prairie Bloom quilt its unique take on nostalgia. This quilt is a return to everything our pioneer sisters held sacred: native wildflowers and the quilts that told their stories. (See product.)

        MaryJanes Home Summer Fades to Fall Quilt
        starting at Price: $179.00

          Late summer rose blossoms fade to dusky pink as the season turns. Their graceful change is reflected in the quiet hues of my Summer Fades to Fall collection. This peaceful garden setting is the perfect nestling place to savor summer's last curtsy and bask in the gentle whisper of cotton, soft as a fall breeze. (See product.)

          MaryJanes Home Sweet Roses Quilt
          starting at Price: $159.00

            It is the farm rose whose beauty yields an unmistakably fragrant harvest for my honeybees. Unlike all the other flowers I grow, a single rose can feel like an entire garden. As its petals open, the rose is the best-known expression of love unfolding. My Sweet Roses bed brings the romance of my farm into your home. (See product.)

            MaryJanes Home Collected Wildflowers Quilt MaryJanes Home MaryJanesFarm Quilt Collected Wildflowers
            starting at Price: $179.00

              Enjoy the ephemeral beauty of a blossoming meadow all summer long with my Collected Wildflowers Quilt collection. This soft, natural 100% cotton pieced quilt features a calming purple palette accented with robin’s egg blue. The concentric square design suggests tidy field rows full of free-spirited blooms, and vining chain embroidery on the quilt and shams adds the lush, tangible sensation of freshly picked flowers. (See product.)

              MaryJanes Home Sweet Blooms Quilt MaryJanes Home MaryJanesFarm Quilt Sweet Blooms
              starting at Price: $179.00

                Savor the sweet nostalgia of bygone days with my Vintage Sweet Blooms Quilt collection. The heirloom texture of 100% cotton fabric gracefully presents an antique palette of ivory, honey, dusty coral, and hushed green that summons cherished family memories. The pieced quilt features a collection of painterly roses accented with burlap-inspired farmhouse stripes. Embroidered accents on the quilt and shams suggest lacework stitched by hand. (See product.)

                MaryJanes Home Bright Blooms Quilt
                starting at Price: $179.00

                  Lively rows of traditional English flowers make my Bright Blooms Quilt the perfect garden for wandering dreams. Follow pieced print pathways among trailing embroidered vines and relish rich floral hues of rose and turquoise. Vintage French ticking stripes casually contrast the cotton quilt’s abundant blossoms, conjuring the sweet and simple memories of summers past. (See product.)

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