Metal Milking Stool
Price: $33.99

    Reminiscent of a milking stool from a long-ago era, this reproduction piece mimics the two stools I found in my dairy barn when I bought my homestead. It even has rusted legs and exposed screw-heads to give it age and character. Handy anywhere around the house, it’s especially useful as a footstool or a plant stand. (See product.)

    Milkmans Delivery Tray with 2 Glass Milk Jars
    Price: $27.99

      A sweet reminder of a bygone era, our milkman's carrier and set of 2 glass bottles is a nostalgic way to display freshly clipped herbs or blooms. (See product.)

      Nested Tinwork Berry Baskets
      Price: $34.49

        Featuring twin tin berry baskets nested inside a metal handle basket, our metal nesting berry baskets are ideal for display and decor. (See product.)

        Primitive Wood Box with Wire Handle
        Price: $28.99

          Featuring reclaimed wood and a twisted wire handle, our primitive wood box is ideal for storage or to display of a wide variety of items. (See product.)

          Single Metal Rolling Pin Planter
          Price: $42.49

            Our whimsical single metal rolling-pin planter is perfect for showcasing an herbal garden in the kitchen. (See product.)