Sisterhood Merit Badge Planner Farmgirl Sisterhood, Planner, merit badge
Price: $36.79

    Our Sisterhood Merit-Badge Planner features a descriptive page for every level of every MaryJanesFarm merit badge created up to Dec. 31, 2021. (That's all 140 badges!) Even though it contains a goals calendar, it’s designed to work around your schedule. With inspirational sayings scattered throughout, it’s a farmgirl must-have for keeping track of badges you’ve earned and badges you hope to earn along with plenty of space given to “notes.” The binder measures 7 3/8" x 9 1/4", handy for fitting into an... (See product.)

    MaryJanesFarm® 2021 Calendar MaryJanesFarm Calendar, Farmgirl Sisterhood Calendar, Calendar
    Retail: $25.00
    Price: $23.95

      Our 14th annual 2021 Farmgirl Romance calendar is ready for the new year. Each month’s top page features a full-color image from our farm and each calendar page includes dates, holidays, inspirational sayings, lunar phases, and fabulous farmgirl culture. This is a Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) product. (See product.)

      Farmgirl Sisterhood Membership Farmgirl, Sisterhood, Chapters, Member, Membership, rural, women, connect, connection
      Price: 1 year or 6 years

        If you’re a member of our online chatroom, The Farmgirl Connection, you’re already chatting with thousands of farmgirls around the world about everything from book reviews to crochet projects to financing a farm to just plain chitchat. But did you know that you can get exclusive farmgirl privileges and specials when you join MaryJane’s Farmgirl Sisterhood? (“Sister” is an endearing term for adult women that MaryJane grew up hearing every day. If you’ve read her books, you’ll know what the Sister thing is all about.) When... (See product.)

        Farmgirl Sisterhood Membership Renewal Farmgirl, Sisterhood, Chapters, Member, Membership, rural, women, connect, connection
        Price: 1 year or 6 years

          We believe in the power of the Farmgirl Sisterhood to change the world for the better. Renew your official Farmgirl Sisterhood membership today! Benefits of renewing: Renewing your Farmgirl Sisterhood membership will maintain your unique number among the ranks. You’ll receive a new, different certificate for each year of your membership. You’ll still have the distinction of having a special Farmgirl Sisterhood emblem by your name on our Farmgirl Connection chatroom. You’ll still receive monthly “Members Only” special... (See product.)

          Style A
          Price: $12.00

            Our Egg-gathering Apron Pattern includes instructions for both a single-pocket gathering apron (Style A) and a multi-pocket gathering apron (Style B). Both you and your "girls" will have something to cluck about when you gather their bounty in our handy aprons. Style A has one large pocket across the front, allowing you to gather up eggs, veggies, and more. Style B has five individual pockets across the front that will protect your precious cargo from henhouse to bunkhouse. Both aprons also include large side pockets. This... (See product.)

            Flour-Sack Apron Pattern
            Price: $17.50

              In the early 1940s, an estimated three million farm women and children were wearing flour-sack garments. Reaching their peak of popularity in the ‘50s, about 50 million flour sacks were sold yearly, full of flour, and then recycled into ornate aprons, pillowcase, quilts, tablecloths, stuffed toys, dolls, everyday apparel, even underwear and wedding dresses. I thought I’d won the lottery when a friend gifted me a flour-sack apron that I’ve turned into a one-size-fits-most pattern (embroidery template included). The pattern... (See product.)

              Dishtowel Apron Kit
              Price: $26.00

                Exclusive for Sisterhood members! If you’re a farmgirl who’s just learning to sew, or you’re teaching someone to sew (maybe as a Farmerette or Young Cultivator Sister Mentor), we designed this apron kit just for you! You’ll find everything you need in the kit … 4 coordinating materials from my Milk Cow Kitchen line, precut for your project; assembly instructions; thread; and decorative button. Choose from two color themes, red or blue. (See product.)

                Harvest Apron Pattern
                Price: $12.00

                  Doesn’t every gardener need a cute harvest apron? Cute, but also practical? Our harvest apron includes instructions for both a single-fabric and a three-fabric gathering apron. It has pockets big enough to hold pie pumpkins, walnuts, apples, carrots ... why, even a zucchini or two. This is a Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) product. All sales of patterns are final. No returns will be allowed. (See product.)

                  Kids Egg-gathering Apron Pattern
                  Price: $10.00

                    Our Kids' Egg-gathering Apron Pattern is for a single-pocket gathering apron, with one large pocket across the front, allowing kiddos to help gather eggs, veggies, and more. Aprons also include large side pockets. This is a Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) product. All sales of patterns are final. No returns will be allowed. (See product.)

                    MaryJanes Home® "Farmgirl at Heart" Guest Towel
                    Price: $3.50

                      Share with your guests the condition of your heart: farmgirl! Before you know it, you’ll be discussing future canning projects, food made from scratch, your favorite homemade soups, quilting, and more. (See product.)

                      MaryJanes Home® Henrietta Guest Towel
                      Price: $3.50

                        Gussy up your kitchen with our adorable aproned Henrietta hen. Then put your own apron on and serve your guests some fresh eggs for breakfast. Our sweet Henrietta towels are also adorable for use as table napkins. (See product.)

                        MaryJanesFarm® "Certified Farmgirl" Guest Towel
                        Price: $3.50

                          Ready, set, make a statement about the handmade, make-do lifestyle you’ve chosen. Your guests will love it. And as is always the case, wonderful conversations and certified farmgirl hugs are sure to follow. (See product.)