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If you’re a member of our online chatroom, The Farmgirl Connection, you’re already chatting with thousands of farmgirls around the world about everything from book reviews to crochet projects to financing a farm to just plain chitchat. But did you know that you can get exclusive farmgirl privileges and specials when you join MaryJane’s Farmgirl Sisterhood? (“Sister” is an endearing term for adult women that MaryJane grew up hearing every day. If you’ve read her books, you’ll know what the Sister thing is all about.)

When you add your name to the Farmgirl Sisterhood list, you will receive a consecutive number according to when you signed up (for example, Farmgirl Sisterhood Member #777). Once you’re officially signed up, we’ll mail your official Farmgirl Sisterhood badge depicting an adorable aproned hen, our official logo, ready to wear or embroider, and an official Farmgirl Sisterhood certificate signed by the Queen Bee herself. Over on the Farmgirl Connection chatroom, you’ll get a special hexagonal Farmgirl Sisterhood designation by your name. In addition, you can start earning Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badges right away (think Girl Scouts for grown-ups) and post photos and narratives of your projects on our website (braggin’ rights). In other words, you’ll be strutting your farmgirl skills for all the world to see! Members are also the only ones permitted to mentor Farmerettes (farmgirls-in-training between the ages 14–18) and Young Cultivators (girls and boys between the ages 6–13) and work with them to earn badges. But if you’re not inclined to earn Merit Badges, there are plenty of other benefits to joining up. Whether it’s cooking, stitching, gardening, make-it-yourself projects, going green, cleaning up, or just getting together, you’ll gather with other farmgirls for lots of fun!

The Farmgirl Sisterhood’s official logo is a “badge” in the shape of a hexagon, showing a hen wearing an apron — “Henrietta.” What you’ll receive is our logo printed on a piece of organic cotton that is about 9″ square, big enough to allow for an embroidery hoop, should you choose. The extra fabric can be cut into hexagonal pieces for backing (to make your badge stiffer) or to hide your embroidery knots. Or, for the farmgirl on the go, you can cut it out right away as a classy faux-embroidered badge and attach it to a denim jacket, an apron pocket, or a purse. In farmgirl style, you might want to embellish it with a few buttons, some bits of fabric, maybe a stretch of vintage lace. Since our badges are printed to look like they’ve been embroidered, it’s hard to tell at first glance. Either way, you’ll be recognized right away as a Farmgirl Sister and proud of it!

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There is a small mailing fee to cover the costs of sending you all the initial Sisterhood materials. All new Farmgirl Sisterhood Members are mailed their cloth badge bearing the Henrietta logo, a personalized certificate signed by MaryJane herself, and some other essential membership materials.

Members are notified by e-mail when their year’s membership is about to expire. (If your membership lapses, you’ll lose “your” unique number!) To renew, click here.