Team Rubicon Engages Veterans

Hundreds of U.S. military veterans, many returning home after serving our country for many years, find a renewed sense of purpose for their skills and experiences through Team Rubicon.

Thanks to our
customers, we
have been able to
feed 2,712 Team
Rubicon members

Why Prepare?

Natural disasters—floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and windstorms—affect tens of thousands of people every year. One week of emergency food is needed in order to ride out most disasters. That’s a minimum of three meals per person per day for one week. Think of it as your civic duty to be prepared. As part of our civic duty, we’re here to help you do that.

Why Organic?

Surviving any kind of disaster is stressful. Why compound your burden by eating bad food? You need nourishment, not the mindless calories found in most preparedness meals that are overly laden with salt and preservatives; laced with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides; and formulated using genetically modified ingredients. MaryJanesFarm just-add-water organic meals—everything from instant pastas and rice to soups to breads to desserts—are perfectly complemented by the BioLite Camp Stove that boils water with nothing but twigs. And by converting heat into electricity, it can also charge your flashlights, phones, and other gadgets while you cook.


Consider participating in our Buy One/Feed Two project: for every mylar package of EMERGENCY FOOD you buy from us, we donate two pouches of Outpost food to Team Rubicon. It’s an easy way to support their important, life-saving efforts.

To learn more about Team Rubicon's impact, visit their website.