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MaryJanesFarm Red Gourmet Garlic Seed

Available Sept. – Feb.
Sold by the pound.

MaryJanesFarm Red Gourmet Garlic Seed

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    A rare, disease-free, hardneck variety, Red Gourmet Garlic Seed has gorgeous, robust red tones throughout. The reason MaryJane offers this for planting along with her MaryJane variety is because the scape it produces is mild, whereas MaryJane garlic has a scape with plenty of heat. (Scapes make a delicious pesto: grind/chop; add olive oil, lime juice, and Parmesan; and spread on crackers or bread.) If you grow both MaryJane and Red Gourmet garlic, all your bases are covered. Red Gourmet stores well into spring without sprouting, peels super easy, and each individual clove is large and pleasant to work with when cooking.

    This is a Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) product.

    Plant garlic in early fall and water, allowing it to set roots before winter. Break bulbs apart into individual cloves, leaving its protective shell intact. Plant each clove in well-drained, worked, fertilized soil, root end down. Cover with two inches of soil. With this variety, leaves will have yellowish stripes early on. Once the leaves start to droop and dry, it’s ready to harvest. Hang indoors out of direct sunlight until fully cured. Store in a dark, dry, cool place like a basement.

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