Sisterhood Merit Badge Planner Farmgirl Sisterhood, Planner, merit badge
Price: $36.79

    Our Sisterhood Merit-Badge Planner features a descriptive page for every level of every MaryJanesFarm merit badge created up to Dec. 31, 2021. (That's all 140 badges!) Even though it contains a goals calendar, it’s designed to work around your schedule. With inspirational sayings scattered throughout, it’s a farmgirl must-have for keeping track of badges you’ve earned and badges you hope to earn along with plenty of space given to “notes.” The binder measures 7 3/8" x 9 1/4", handy for fitting into an... (See product.)

    MaryJanesFarm® 2021 Calendar MaryJanesFarm Calendar, Farmgirl Sisterhood Calendar, Calendar
    Retail: $25.00
    Price: $23.95

      Our 14th annual 2021 Farmgirl Romance calendar is ready for the new year. Each month’s top page features a full-color image from our farm and each calendar page includes dates, holidays, inspirational sayings, lunar phases, and fabulous farmgirl culture. This is a Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) product. (See product.)