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Featured in the Feb/Mar 2023 issue of my magazine, this quilt is ready to move on to new adventures. In addition to the one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered quilt, you'll get five coffee stained and hand-embroidered pillows (red striped pillow in picture is not included) and assorted turquoise, brown, and tan buttons, plus some embroidery floss to add more of your own adventure sites.

Included Items:
  • Adventure quilt, approximately 51 inches tall and 74 inches wide.
  • Five pillows of assorted sizes. Approximate measurements of pillows: 16 inches by 10 inches; 24 inches by 17 inches; 17-inch long cylindrical pillow; 14½ inches by 9¾ inches; and 16½ inches by 10½ inches.
  • An assortment of turquoise, brown, and tan buttons, plus some embroidery floss.

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