My father, Allen, a “back-yard inventor,” designed this cutting board, for which he received his one and only U.S. patent—a source of great family pride (and braggin’ rights!). His design will help unclutter your kitchen counter, yet still keep your cutting board handy when you need it. Made of food-safe FDA-standard materials, the cutting board is easy to grab when you need it and easy to slide right back into place, out of the way, once you’ve finished using it.

Comes with 1 white cutting board, 1 single-piece brushed stainless mounting bracket and 4 mounting screws with washers.


  • Total – 14+3/16″ W × 11+3/16″ D × ¾″ thick
  • Cutting board – 13¾″ W × 11⅛″ D × ½″ thick