MaryJanes Dish Collection, 6 Assorted Styles
Price: $81.99

    Inspired by vintage china patterns, our collection is comprised of 6 different sizes and patterns, all of them food-safe dishes. (See product.)

    Tinwork & Porcelain Soap Dish
    Price: $16.99

      Our tinwork and porcelain soap dish offers distinctive farmhouse style for kitchen or bath. (See product.)

      Black Mantel Clock, Small
      Price: $85.49

        Our small vintage-style mantel clock features a lightly distressed black paint finish and a mildly rusted face to give it an aged appearance. (See product.)

        Black Mantel Urn
        Price: $109.99

          Featuring an unusual shape and heavily distressed finish, our antique-inspired black mantle urn is a bold statement piece. (See product.)

          Cotton Garland
          Price: $35.99

            Our faux cotton-pod garland features wired components for easy shaping. (See product.)

            Cotton Stem, Small
            Price: $3.99

              Our faux cotton-pod stem will add rustic charm to any vase or basket. (See product.)

              Double Metal Gardeners Bucket
              Price: $63.99

                In a galvanized finish with a whimsical handle, our double metal gardener’s bucket can be used for a multitude of purposes. (See product.)

                Farmhouse Enamelware Milk-Can Vase, 8"
                Price: $23.99

                  Our vintage-inspired farmhouse enamelware 8" milk-can vase features a classic black-and-white finish. (See product.)

                  Footed Creamery Tank Planter
                  Price: $389.99

                    Featuring an aged metal wash and rust finish, our footed planter is inspired by vintage metal creamery tanks salvaged from an old dairy farm. (See product.)

                    Forged Gate Latch, Large
                    Price: $19.99

                      Our large forged gate latch is constructed from cast iron. When it comes to farmhouse aesthetics, nothing speaks farmhouse style quite like cast iron. (See product.)

                      Forged Gate Latch, Small
                      Price: $7.99

                        Our forged gate latch features a rustic cast-iron finish. (See product.)

                        French Door Pull
                        Price: $12.49

                          Featuring a simple yet elegant design, our French door pull features sturdy construction and a rustic cast-iron finish. (See product.)