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Organic Flour, Specialty Sourdough

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Organic Flour, Specialty Sourdough

Price: $30.45 - $40.60
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    • Vegan

    Not all flours are created equal. In fact, even some name-brand organic flours add things like barley malt in an effort to give good rise to your bread. The problem with adulterated flour, organic or otherwise, is that when you use it to make authentic sourdough, it won’t work. I want you to use flour for your sourdough “mother” that performs better than any other flour, tastes extraordinary, and is undeniably fresh. I’ll continue to sift through wheat for you, sourcing only the best, so that you know when you buy organic specialty sourdough white flour from me, it’ll perform like a champ in everything you end up using it for, from pancakes to biscuits to sourdough breads.

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    Ingredients: Organic Unbleached/Unbromated White Wheat Flour.