Organic Lebanese Peanut Bulghar
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    A few years back, I had a good crop of lemon thyme and wondered what I could do with it. I started experimenting when a friend of mine, Colette DePhelps, decided to participate in a church cookbook project with a recipe using fresh tomatoes, bulghar, raisins and fresh mint. Her recipe got me to thinking. Using typical Lebanese spices, I played around with all my dried ingredients until I got it right. I would describe this recipe as wonderfully different and surprisingly delicious. When I get... (See product.)

    Organic Lentil Pilav
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      For this recipe, I’ve combined bulghar and lentils to create a dish spiced identical to one my mother used to make using one-minute rice. Not quite instant, my rendition is easy to prepare and really good to eat. If you have any left over, my Lentil Pilav eaten cold the next day along with some crackers makes a satisfying, unique lunch. This is a Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) product. (See product.)