Nested Tinwork Berry Baskets
Price: $34.49

    Featuring twin tin berry baskets nested inside a metal-handled tin basket, this item is ideal for displaying a variety of treasures. (See product.)

    Primitive Wood Box with Wire Handle
    Price: $28.99

      Featuring reclaimed wood and a twisted wire handle, our primitive wood box is ideal for storage or to display of a wide variety of items. (See product.)

      Single Metal Rolling-Pin Planter
      Price: $42.49

        Our whimsical single metal rolling-pin planter is perfect for showcasing an herbal garden in the kitchen. (See product.)

        Sliding Barn Door Latch
        Price: $25.99

          Our sliding barn door latch is constructed from cast iron. When it comes to farmhouse aesthetics, nothing speaks farmhouse style quite like cast iron. (See product.)

          Tall Metal Bucket with Handle, 14"
          Price: $29.99

            Ideal for a variety of uses, our tall metal display bucket features galvanized metal with a contrasting oil rubbed handle. (See product.)

            Tin Cupcake Stand
            Price: $6.99

              If you want your celebration to speak farmhouse, showcase your cupcakes using metal cupcake stands. But don’t limit your presentation to cupcakes alone; our stands make a bold farmhouse statement for all kinds of pastries. (See product.)

              Vintage-Style Drawer Pull with Card Holder
              Price: $3.99

                Our vintage-style drawer pull with card holder features a rustic, cast-iron finish. (See product.)